Druid Horoscope: Olive

Olive Dates: Autumnal Equinox - 23 September

Traits of people born under Olive sign: correct opinions, analytic mind, ability for deduction and reflection.

Compatible: Birch, Fir, Pine, Fig.

Uncompatible: Beech, Poplar, Nut & Chestnut.

Only a single day is dedicated to the olive tree, the day of the equinox:23rd of September. Olive-tree-born are agents of the happy medium. They need more time to mature, which they fill with observation and a thirst for knowledge. But finally they seem to grasp life with all its ups and downs. So nothing can throw them off their tracks, as life is the way it is. Olive-tree-persons permanently try to structure their life and keep it manageable. That makes them successful most of the time.

They have the ability to share their state of rest and serenity with people around them. Even though Olive is kind and attentive to people, it is clever enough so that not to let other people exploit its kindness. This sign has a well-developed sense of justice. People of this sign understand everything; they can accept other people’s points of view, forgetting about themselves and maintaining lack of bias. Therefore, this sign is loved and highly appreciated by others. It is necessary to mention that Olive doesn’t try to do anything in order to impress others. The sign keeps its distance in communication.

The strength of the olive tree is their clearness and rootedness. As for their immense resistance they won’t be put off their aims. They solve the most difficult problems always for the purpose of the community, they always see things in their entirety.

The weakness of the olive tree is its mania for criticism. If they haven’t understood what tolerance means in early years, they have a tendency towards pedantry, and as they are so down to earth, and think so expedient, you often miss joy and humor with them.

Olive Man

Olives men are very honest, fair and impartial. They are excellent diplomats, and they can solve any, the most complicated problem. They treat their work with genuine interest, for the sake of it they can sacrifice much of their own. At the same time they are not very ambitious, they easily refuse, if necessary, their claims in favor of another person. These qualities allow them with equal success to be and moderately demanding, benevolent bosses, and executive, disciplined subordinates. The man Olive sincerely recognizes the equality of women, he does not have scenes of jealousy or scandals in his family because of the distribution of "male" and "female" duties. Such a man is a supporter of companionship. Before the wedding, he is not inclined to numerous intrigues, but the former beloved remember his warmth.

Olive Woman

The Olive woman is not inclined to all sorts of psychological and love dramas, for calmness is more important for her. She often succeeds in the professional sphere, because she likes to learn new things, she likes to study and is often very well-educated. Many of these women become famous or rich, although they often take on other people’s responsibilities. Olive is always smiling, does not lose calm in difficult situations. It seems that it is impossible to upset her or make her angry. This is not so, it’s just that such women consider it wrong to attach too much importance to their emotions. They prefer to endure in silence and maintain peace and decency.

Love and Family

In love Olive trees are "late developers". They need a long time to open up. And with their natural dominance they certainly need someone at their side, who is balanced and can take a fair bit. They are certainly not the most sensitive people, but they don’t totally shut themselves off from this field either. Provided... they trust someone.

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