Druid Horoscope: Rowan

Rowan Dates: April 1 - April 10; October 4 - October 13

Traits of people born under Rowan sign: mind sharpness, fantasy, synthesis, intuition, imagination.

Compatible: Willow, Lime & Maple.

Uncompatible: Oak, Fir, Nut.

Rowan-born are flexible people. They can be at home at the most different places in no time, and make the best of every situation. They always try to live in harmony with their fellow human beings, and to keep a balance. Their early thirst for knowledge should always be satisfied. When older, they are the diplomats and wise people, who’s advice should always be welcomed.

These are people of self-respect who put special emphasis on their qualities. Their dressing style is rather dainty. These people have a good taste. They can adapt to new conditions quickly and easily. This sign likes to please people, even quarrelling with its bread and butter. People of this sign are far from being egoistic, but they are a little bit egocentric. As a rule, they are independent, but sometimes they allow others to make them depended. They have a well-developed feeling of responsibility that makes them feel guilty for the happening (fault complex).

Rowan-born are valuable members for the community. They are educated, cautious and they respect others. Their strength lies in organizing and diplomacy. They are brilliant mediators, as they always understand both sides.

Rowan-born are always concerned about their balance. Therefore they find it difficult to make fast decisions. Their everlasting carefulness can make the mind capable of acting in fast situations. If they don’t find an environment for their talents, they will become afraid of conflicts and always step in the background.

Rowan Man

Men of this type are not as simple as they seem. With them, it’s not easy to get along, but with close people, Rowan-tree shows warmth, generosity and liberality. Friends and family can always rely on representatives of this type. Such men are very patient, decent and honest. They very early understand that for family and close people it is necessary to bear responsibility, and it is perfectly possible to them. A man of the Rowan type spends a lot of time on his second half, but this does not stop him from being very demanding of her. Treason, deception and betrayal of people of this type will never be able to forgive.

Rowan Woman

The Rowan woman can be very hard-working and ambitious, but it’s very difficult to achieve career goals. If a woman of this type understands this in time and goes along the line of less resistance, then she successfully realizes herself in the role of wife and mother. In family life, Rowan-tree shows her best skills and qualities. She will always be able to take care of the future of all members of the family, and she easily manages to set the home for positive and safe resolution of all issues.

Love and Family

Rowan-people are lovely, sensitive and romantic natures. They are the perfect partner, if you don’t consider their sensivity as weakness. Their striving for harmony enriches the relationship, and nobody has to be afraid to have to take a certain position in the community.

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