Egyptian Horoscope: Geb

Geb Dates: February 12 – 29, August 20 – 31.

Traits of Geb people: Proud, Sensitive, Modest.

Lucky Colors: Purple for men, Pink for women.

Associated Zodiac Sign: Aquarius ♒.

Compatibility: Horus and Seth.

In ancient Egyptian mythology, Geb is the god of earth, stability, lasting union and unity. He is subject to any minerals and plants. On his head he depicted a red crown, divided into three parts (perhaps a wig?), Sometimes he appeared in the form of a goose.

Geb Character by Egyptian Horoscope

People born in this period are thorough, unhurried, good advisers. Their decisions are always well thought out, and actions are unhurried. Possessing the gift of penetrating the essence of things, they choose the profession of psychologists or politicians. Well versed in technology, can repair anything you want. They themselves handle things with great care, appreciate them and protect them.

Their special gift is to give life to any plants, in connection with which they can be very much in demand in agriculture. Any seed thrown by them will necessarily germinate. In the bosom of nature they feel at home. According to the type of temperament, they are phlegmatic: no haste and almost no emotions. Their calm strength inspires confidence in others.

They appreciate the earthly pleasures and amenities, try to create a comfort zone around them. Outwardly they are always attractive, but they do not turn their heads, but cause a steady interest and a desire to be near them. These people can be advised to look for a more energetic partner who is both decent and sensitive enough.

Geb Man

Men born under this sign do not have enough energy. They constantly plan important matters, try to distribute with a reserve time without unnecessary fuss and haste. Due to his attractive appearance, the Geb man draws the attention of the opposite sex, he inspires confidence. People are able to tell this person all their most secret secrets, ask for advice. Is there a recipe for happiness? Geb will certainly share his thoughts on this matter with you.

Geb Woman

Women born under this sign, used to rely only on themselves. They are soft and vulnerable personalities, with whom it is pleasant to spend their free time. The Geb woman is always surrounded by fans, but she is not in a hurry to make her choice. The most important thing is to find a soul mate who will help to fill the soul with vital energy. She will become a wonderful wife and beautiful mother if she finds a man of her dreams. She does not always have the courage to take the first step towards her happiness, usually she expects that the man will be the first to take the initiative. It is necessary to find the very "golden mean", which will allow us to find a common language with the representatives of the male.

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