Egyptian Horoscope: Nile

Nile Dates: January 1 – 7, June 19 – 28, September 1 – 7, November 18 – 26.

Traits of Nile people: Logical, Peaceful, Practical.

Lucky Colors: Red for men, Blue for women.

Associated Zodiac Sign: Capricorn ♑.

Compatibility: Amon-Ra and Seth.

The Nile River was the source of life for the Egyptians: spilling out its waters and irrigating crops and fertilizing the earth. In the eyes of ordinary people, Neil was a deity to whom they worshiped, who was asked for favor and help. The Egyptians portrayed a fertility god with vegetables instead of hair, always surrounded by a plentiful harvest.

Nile Character by Egyptian Horoscope

People born under this sign of the Egyptian horoscope are very passionate and impulsive. They prefer to do, and not regret, than not to do, and then repent of missed opportunities. They have an inborn gift of the healer, to a greater or lesser extent. If only they try, they will be able to take off the headache and the evil eye with their hands, and spoil it. The surrounding feel calm and peaceful next to them, because their bio field contains a big positive charge. Because of their mobility and great adaptability, they are suitable for any profession, where you do not need to sit all day in one place. They bring live notes to the collective, set up colleagues in an optimistic mood. In addition, they can easily move from one type of activity to another.

People of the Nile easily adapt to any environment, they are cheerful and impulsive. Taking on any cause, they give him all the strength and thought. However, they can not be called windy or frivolous — they do not have to take patience. They are always ready to help, both with advice and with real action. And because of this, there are always a lot of hunters profit at their expense.

Discovering betrayal, they fall into a rage and wish to immediately take revenge. However, they often forgive their enemies. Or simply forget about them. The main thing — do not get caught under their hot hand. They treat their relatives with special tenderness, protect them in every possible way and inspire them. People’s advice to the Nile is to listen — despite their categorical nature, they always get to the point.

Nile Man

A man born under the sign of Nile is a very delicate psychologist, who always finds the right words to raise the mood of the interlocutor. A positive bio field has a beneficial effect on others, they feel at peace and tranquility alongside such people. Bright personalities who confidently undertake to perform any work, they have their own creative approach. It is difficult to argue such a person, he has everything for his own opinion, which he will prove.

Nile Woman

The Nile woman is very sensitive to her relatives and always listens to the opinion of the second half. Around the people of the weaker sex, there are always a lot of fans who want to swim in the rays of glory. Due to her sociability, the woman-Neil settles any problems surrounding her envy, so do not trust colleagues at work. It is better not to talk about your plans and personal life within the walls of the cabinet, this important information can be used at any time against you.

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