Egyptian Horoscope: Osiris

Osiris Dates: March 1 – 10, November 27 – December 18.

Traits of Osiris people: Indecisiveness, Dual Personality.

Lucky Colors: Green for men, Yellow for women.

Associated Zodiac Sign: Aries ♈.

Compatibility: Isis and Thoth.

The fifth sign of the Egyptian zodiac is the god Osiris. He is called one of the greatest gods of Egypt, the god of regeneration and life itself. They brought civilization to Egypt, taught people gardening and farming. Since then, he is the patron of fertility and development.

Osiris Character by Egyptian Horoscope

The children of Osiris are extremely perceptive, sometimes it seems that they are reading other people’s thoughts. They can not hide anything, they can feel any deception. From the professions they are suitable for everything related to management: administration, management, pedagogy (especially in higher education).

They tend to have great curiosity and a desire for research. They are cheerful, confident in themselves and in their success. Osiris people live to their fullest, recklessly and fearlessly, always believe in their lucky star. And destiny answers them by reciprocity, always saving them at the last moment, always leaving a loophole or a reserve option. If they fail (however, this happens very rarely), then they can always fix everything, or simply launch into a new exciting adventure.

They are real generators of energy and ideas. However, this has its opposite side. In order not to fall into depression and not to feel periodic decline of power, they need to learn to rest and restore strength. Friendship for them is often more important than love. Their aspirations are aimed at the benefit of all mankind, even to the detriment of themselves and their families.

Osiris Man

Decisive, honest and self-confident men of this sign are always ready to share their plans. They perfectly understand that their life can change at any moment, that’s why it’s so important to always have a spare plan. The Osiris man is prone to depression and introspection, it is necessary to rethink his life. They do not always choose a profession they like. In the race for big earnings, the most important thing is forgotten: work should bring pleasure, not only money.

Osiris Woman

A woman born under this sign doubts her own strength. The Osiris woman will gladly give useful advice to an outsider, but she will not be able to help herself. Contradictory personality, which combines selfishness, passion and fragility. Such beauties will not be exactly satisfied with what they have. They do not need a tit in their hands, it’s better to have a crane in the sky. Osiris is trying to do everything possible to fulfill the mission. Overcoming doubts and feelings can achieve success, you need to make maximum efforts and the goal will be achieved. The Osiris woman should learn to control her emotions.

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