Greek Horoscope: Aphrodite

Aphrodite Dates: September 23 – October 23.

Patronizes the Sign: Libra ♎.

Ruling Planet: Venus ♀.

Aphrodite can be confidently called the most famous Greek goddess. Her wards are those born from September 23 to October 23, which corresponds to the sign of Libra of the Air element. Later, the Romans borrowed the cult of Aphrodite, calling her Venus, and especially revered as their ancestor. In some ancient myths, she is called the sister of Zeus, in others – the daughter. Also, there is no single idea about the sphere of the goddess’s intercession. She was considered the patroness of marriage and romantic affection, at the same time – bodily pleasures and voluptuousness. Being the wife of the lame Hephaestus, she cheated on him more than once with handsome young men. In art, Aphrodite is still considered a symbol of female beauty, grace and grace.

Aphrodite Character in Greek Horoscope

Love is the main value in the life of the representatives of the sign. They want to feel the friendly disposition of family members, work colleagues, neighbors, and in general everyone around them. When they are appreciated, the people of Aphrodite are ready to infinitely give warmth and affection to loved ones. In a relationship, it is difficult to find more passionate and at the same time understanding partners. For the welfare of loved ones, they are ready to do anything. When feelings go away, without a twinge of conscience, they can change or break the union. As employees, they are able-bodied and conscientious, sincerely worried about the common cause. People of the sign of Aphrodite are always ready to help or donate something. They are active, love new experiences, try not to sit still.

The sign wards are hard to miss. They are surprisingly attractive, even with a mediocre appearance. Although the calm and level-headed people of Aphrodite do not seek popularity, they still find themselves in the spotlight. Their charm, friendliness and extensive knowledge make them interesting conversationalists. These individuals do not like quarrels and try to resolve conflicts peacefully. Just as quietly and imperceptibly, they realize their plans. However, soft by nature, they do not allow themselves to be controlled. Those who dare to confront the man of Aphrodite will face a serious rival for whom there are no barriers. Wards of the goddess rarely forgive offenses.

By nature, the people of Aphrodite are benevolent, sociable and inquisitive. They are good friends and welcome guests at any event. They have a developed aesthetic taste and a sense of beauty. The wards of the goddess are wonderful owners, they adore their home and know how to turn it into an ideal cozy nest. They are reliable partners as long as they trust. They do not like to talk about money, but they always have it. Of course, the people of Aphrodite also have negative traits. First, their mood often changes for no reason. They can be irresponsible and frivolous, unbalanced, sometimes reckless, stubborn and rude even with loved ones. They tend to recklessly make important decisions, and then regret for a long time.

Aphrodite Man

Men of the sign of Aphrodite are very attractive to the opposite sex. Even with modest physical data, they feel self-confidence and inner strength. As a rule, they have many hobbies, they like to play sports. For them, the main thing in work is pleasure from the process, and then income. They are tactful, in any life situations they try to maintain a relationship. Aphrodite’s wards are always up-to-date and keep up with innovations. In a relationship with them, it is never boring, because the representatives of the sign are able to give the whole world without leaving home. People with a limited range of interests quickly cool down. A partner next to such a man will have to share him with many friends and hobbies.

Aphrodite Woman

The Aphrodite woman is graceful, sophisticated and seems a little detached from everyday problems. It’s hard to believe that she also solves everyday household tasks. The secret of beautiful ladies is in the courageous nature of a person-innovator. They quickly pick up valuable ideas and bring them to life, while others just try to discern. Therefore, women of the sign are always fashionably dressed and with the least effort can cope well with household chores. For the same reason, they are valued at work. Although the wards of Aphrodite cannot be called careerists, most often they have good career achievements and income. As life partners, they prefer to choose reliable, serious men who can slightly ground their windy nature.

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