Greek Horoscope: Apollo

Apollo Dates: July 23 – August 23.

Patronizes the Sign: Leo ♌.

Ruling Planet: Sun ☉.

Apollo is the son of the ruler of Olympus Zeus and the goddess Leto, brother of Artemis. He takes care of those born from July 23 to August 23. According to the classical horoscope, the Sun during this period is in the fire sign of Leo. In Greek mythology, Apollo was the patron saint of the arts and was considered the most attractive god, the standard of male beauty. He was an excellent musician and singer, he loved animals, he helped them. He could also heal from diseases or send them. Legends say that the Olympic heartthrob had a high opinion of himself, was famous as a favorite of women, and tried to live for his own pleasure. In the fight against enemies, he was cunning and tricky, and those whom he favored, he showered favors.

Apollo Character in Greek Horoscope

Representatives of the Apollo sign are bright, charismatic personalities. They love to be the center of attention, whether it’s a work situation or a noisy party. They get along easily with people, have many friends and always feel confident in unfamiliar surroundings. The Sun God wards are good speakers, they know how to compliment and are incredibly charming if they want to impress. They are excellent organizers, have a developed aesthetic flair and creative talents. Unfortunately, they cannot boast of hard work and perseverance. In most cases, their success in life is based on beneficial connections and the ability to negotiate. Sometimes the people of Apollo, wanting to appear in a favorable light, do not hesitate to ascribe to themselves other people’s merits.

In relationships, the wards of this sign can charm the opposite sex better than others. They have a special talent to surprise and seduce. Life with the people of Apollo will never be dull and calm. Like butterflies to the light, they are drawn to luxury and comfort even in the smallest detail. Thanks to their excellent taste, they themselves look brilliant and make the same environment around. When difficulties arise, they are not ready to invest a lot of time and energy in relationships. In their understanding, love should be light and beautiful, otherwise they part with a partner. For the people of Apollo, multiple marriages and many romances are commonplace. The family representatives of the sign maintain close ties with close ones, adore children and pamper them at every opportunity.

Apollo rewards his charges with ease of communication, a subtle sense of humor and optimism in any situation. Their good mood is transmitted to those around them, creating an image of the soul of the company. These people are excellent diplomats and mediators, among them there are many good leaders and businessmen. They know how to quickly navigate the problem and make decisions. Love for art makes them sophisticated connoisseurs in the world of beauty. On the other hand, people of the Apollo sign adore fame and flattery, which can lead to unpleasant situations. They easily and superficially experience complex feelings, do not understand the suffering of others. They tend to blame others for failures, and attribute successes to themselves. Furthermore, they are not the most responsible and reliable partners in work and personal life.

Apollo Man

Since childhood, the Apollo man has been worried about how he looks and how others perceive him. She spares no effort, time and money on the image. He himself and everything around him should be perfect, including loved ones. The wards of the sign thrive in creative professions, especially those related to cinema and theater. They do not like to obey, do not tolerate competitors, are not afraid to compete, even to the detriment of relationships. In pursuit of their goals, they do not always act fairly and honestly. In their personal life, they adore whirlwind romances and cannot live without vivid emotions. Apollo’s charges are rather frivolous, and for stability they need a serious partner who will help them become more practical and conscientious.

Apollo Woman

The Apollo woman is a bright luminary in any circumstance. It must be flawless always and everywhere. This applies not only to appearance, but also to everything in life. Criticism only angers her and makes her want revenge. The politeness and courtesy of the representatives of the sign is a facade behind which a tough ambitious character is hidden. Women born under the auspices of Apollo know well what they deserve and do not settle for less. To achieve their goal, they use all the possibilities. Despite their sociable nature, these ladies are rather secretive and are in no hurry to even initiate loved ones into their plans. They spare no effort to create the ideal picture of their life, in which they are the height of perfection.

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