Greek Horoscope: Ares

Ares Dates: March 21 – April 20.

Patronizes the Sign: Aries ♈.

Ruling Planet: Mars ♂.

Ares – the son of the supreme god Zeus and his wife Hera, the most warlike inhabitant of Olympus. Later, Roman mythology called it Mars. In the classical European horoscope, the period from March 21 to April 20, in which people are born under the auspices of Ares, is answered by the zodiac sign Aries from the element of Fire. According to legends, Zeus did not like Ares and would not mind imprisoning him in the underworld. The blame for everything is the hot-tempered character, rebelliousness and ruthlessness of the god of war. As a true winner, he did not want to obey anyone and pursued only personal goals. Wanting to get his way, he could cheat and deceive. At the same time, Ares is known as an ardent lover who was able to win the heart of Aphrodite herself, the goddess of love.

Ares Character in Greek Horoscope

People who are patronized by Ares are born warriors: fearless, persistent, true leaders. They know exactly what they want and how to achieve it. As a rule, they have many interests and close friends. But this is not an indicator of an open character and great good nature. Ares’ wards have several real friends, most in their social circle are profitable acquaintances. Purposeful individuals can work effectively both in a team and independently. However, they do not like to obey, so they try to become leaders or work for themselves. Life hardships, especially physical discomfort, endure steadfastly. The people of the Ares sign are difficult to convince or win over to their side without solid arguments.

In relations with loved ones, the wards of the god of war are generous, kind and caring. They are good parents and passionate partners, ready to pamper and satisfy all the whims of their relatives. At the same time, they do not tolerate disobedience and attempts to control them. They consider the family to be the main thing in life, although they will not give up their careers for anything. People under the auspices of Ares love fame, but it is impossible to deceive them with praise. Their courage and love of adventure often make them pioneers or rebels. If something goes wrong in business, Ares’ people would rather do something else than wait patiently for the situation to change. This does not apply to romantic relationships: overwhelmed by the flames of passion, they will do anything to win the object of their attention.

According to Greek mythology, Ares generously endows his charges with positive traits. First, it is perseverance, purposefulness and hard work. These people know how to overcome obstacles and achieve their goal. Brave and energetic, they are able to conquer any peaks of life. Their organizational and communication skills make them great leaders. Negative characteristics of Ares’ people include callousness, excessive suspicion, impatience, and authoritarianism. They can use deception or moral pressure on others to achieve a goal. They cannot stand it when they are opposed, they become rude in communication. It is difficult to find mutual understanding with them.

Ares Man

The Ares man is an undoubted authority in his business and family. From childhood, boys accurately determine the sphere of personal interests and in adulthood are not inclined to look for a suitable craft for a long time. They really like the "male" professions: military, police, and sports. People under Ares’ patronage are often in business. Although for them it is more of a gamble than a way to make money. Only passion for the opposite sex can knock them out of their usual rut. Married men know how to maintain a balance between work and personal life. As a rule, they earn good money from a young age, while not depriving the attention of their relatives.

Ares Woman

Women born under the auspices of Ares are extremely charming and attractive. These are interesting interlocutors, with good manners and upbringing. However, behind a charming appearance, a solid masculine character is hidden. They never expect gifts from fate, but fight for them with the whole world. Ares’ women are careerists and rely only on themselves. They prefer strong men who perceive them as equal partners. Married ladies spend a lot of energy on raising children and creating family comfort, although housewives rarely come across among them. They do not like to be subordinate and try to choose a job where they can act as independently as possible.

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