Greek Horoscope: Artemis

Artemis Dates: June 22 – July 22.

Patronizes the Sign: Cancer ♋.

Ruling Planet: Moon ☽.

Artemis is the daughter of Zeus and the goddess Leto, sister of Apollo. Those born from June 22 to July 22 are under her care. In the classic horoscope, this period corresponds to the zodiac sign Cancer from the element of Water. In Greece, the cult of the goddess was very popular and left many myths behind. Later, the Romans borrowed this image and called the Moon. Initially, Artemis was considered the patroness of flora and fauna. Her main concern was to comply with the laws of nature. She is also revered as the goddess of justice and order, to which she forced everyone, even the inhabitants of Olympus. According to mythology, young Artemis took a vow of celibacy and severely punished those who encroached on her innocence.

Artemis Character in Greek Horoscope

The wards of the sign of Artemis are adherents of morality and charters. From a young age, they are known as protectors of the weak and oppressed. At work and in everyday life, laws and regulations are strictly observed, following all instructions and safety regulations. Much attention is paid to interpersonal relationships. For the happiness of those they love, they are ready to postpone things and do the impossible. People of Artemis are very impressionable and vulnerable, they well know how easy rash words can upset. In critical situations, they are not inclined to rashly spread what they think to the interlocutor. Representatives of the sign are always polite and courteous. One gets the impression that they are naive children and believe in everything. Then it turns out that these individuals are so difficult that it is almost impossible to understand what they are thinking.

The people of Artemis are very good workers. Conscientiously fulfill their duties both as a leader and a subordinate. As a rule, they are successful in their careers and are quite wealthy. However, this is not a consequence of great ambitions, but rather an indirect result from the desire to always do a good job. The wards of the sign do not strive for power, do not like fame and flattery. It is difficult to gain their trust or fool them. Disappointed with someone, they will never be close with that person again. People of the Artemis sign value family above all else. They are some of the most loyal partners and wonderful parents. They know how to keep the flame of passion in marriage and are the best friends of their children.

The inhabitants of Ancient Greece believed that Artemis rewards her charges with sincerity, patience and love for all living things. People of her sign are honest, hardworking and persistent. They cannot stand lies, resourcefulness, as well as rudeness and cruelty. These people are very reliable in work and personal life. Those whom they trust can count on their care and support at any time. Among the negative qualities of the representatives of the sign, excessive suspiciousness, suspicion and resentment stand out. Frustrations in life often become the causes of harmful addictions, which are very difficult to abandon later. Relationship problems for a long time push the people of Artemis into the abyss of despair and interfere with a normal life.

Artemis Man

The man of the sign of Artemis is a real hunter. He never loses sight of the goal, he can patiently wait and systematically go towards the dream. Doing several things at the same time, clearly sets priorities and achieves what he wants. As a rule, representatives of the sign are good specialists in their field. They are able to work tirelessly on a long project, scrupulously delving into all the details. These men are laconic, do not like to talk about themselves and boast. It may seem that their success is sheer luck, not the result of hard work. In love, Artemis’ wards know how to feel the mood of a partner, are always attentive and tactful. They can look for an ideal and not get married for a long time. They put all their efforts into marriage, they rarely get divorced.

Artemis Woman

The Artemis woman resembles her patroness: proud, independent, knows her worth well. From a young age, he strives for independence. She perfectly appreciates her capabilities and does not hover in the clouds. May have more than one education and several professions. For her, changing a job or a field of employment is not a feat, but a vital necessity. Most often, this is pushed by an active character and a desire to try everything. As a result, the woman manages to find something to their liking. Artemis’ wards are cool towards men and are in no hurry to establish close ties. First, they need to figure out whether to trust a likely partner. In relationships, they are open, honest and expect the same from others. Having got married, first they are engaged in a family, and then a career.

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