Greek Horoscope: Demeter

Demeter Dates: August 24 – September 22.

Patronizes the Sign: Virgo ♍.

Ruling Planet: Mercury ☿.

Demeter is one of the most revered goddesses in Ancient Greece. The sister of the powerful Zeus was considered the patroness of agriculture and motherhood, as well as morality and order. Her charges are born from August 24 to September 22. In the European horoscope, this is the period of the Virgo sign from the elements of the Earth. In ancient times, the cult of Demeter was widespread and associated with agricultural work. The cyclical nature of the seasons was explained by the Greeks by the behavior of the goddess, who grieves over the abduction of her daughter-nature and rejoices at her return. Demeter was sacrificed not only by peasants, but also by merchants, laying down trade agreements. Judges or administrators, when they got down to business, swore to her to be fair and to abide by the laws.

Demeter Character in Greek Horoscope

The wards of Demeter consider the family the most important in life. From a young age, they are great couch potatoes and are very attached to loved ones. These people unquestioningly inherit the family business or connect life with those chosen by their relatives. As a rule, they get married once at a fairly young age. For a person of Demeter, adultery is a crime that cannot be forgiven. People of the sign of the soul do not care for children and try to give them all the best. At the same time, they are quite strict and demanding parents, in no case will they allow themselves to sit on their neck. The wards of the goddess consider it their duty to take care of others. For this reason, public figures, civic activists and volunteers are often found among them.

Among the wards of Demeter, there are rarely ambitious careerists. Most people of the sign are extremely honest and confident that the results of their work depend solely on perseverance and hard work. They have an inner strength that helps to overcome life obstacles. The profession is chosen very seriously and subsequently are not inclined to change it. Of the people of Demeter, few make quick promotions, but there are practically no losers with modest incomes either. Representatives of the sign are aware of their obligations to their relatives and by all means try to stand firmly on their feet. In addition, they constantly live with thoughts of what legacy they will leave to children.

People of the Demeter sign have many positive character traits. They are very responsible, hardworking, persistent, persistent in achieving their goals. They are not tempted by bad habits, gambling and idleness. They are reliable partners in marriage and work, caring, serious and independent from an early age. They are confident in themselves, at the same time, modest and do not like flattery. The negative qualities of Demeter’s wards are excessive severity, pedantry and a desire to always adhere to the rules. Not trusting others, they can become withdrawn and silent, or turn into irritable grumblers. Often these people are too tight-fisted.

Demeter Man

The man of the sign of Demeter is the real master and head of the family. He is ready to work tirelessly and not grumble at fate. Such a representative of the stronger sex will definitely build a house, plant a garden, raise sons and, by doing this, will be absolutely happy. It may seem that such men are too down-to-earth. This is not true. They love art and often choose professions that are practical and creative at the same time. For example, various types of design, architecture or engineering. In relationships, they are patient, understanding and gentle. Getting acquainted with a woman, they immediately try on her for the role of a wife. Men of the sign are not inclined to often have romances. As a rule, having sincerely fell in love, they immediately marry and expect that this is for life.

Demeter Woman

The Demeter woman is generous, like the earth, for love, warmth and compassion. In the family, she is like the sun, warming all those close to her. She has an inexhaustible resource of patience and kindness, which is enough for any adversity in life. For her man, such a woman is a source of romantic affection and support along the path of life. She is an excellent hostess who has a cozy, warm and well-fed home at any income. Demeter’s women are trying to find work so that they have enough time for their relatives. They may not work at all while the children are young, and may not feel disadvantaged at the same time. In a large family, it is easy for them to find a common language with relatives of different generations and not to conflict.

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