Greek Horoscope: Dionysus

Dionysus Dates: January 21 – February 18.

Patronizes the Sign: Aquarius ♒.

Ruling Planet: Uranus ♅.

Dionysus is the patron saint of winemaking and horticulture, the son of Zeus. Under his care are people who were born from January 21 to February 28. According to the classical horoscope, this is the time of Aquarius from the element of Air. According to mythology, it was Dionysus who saw the vine among the plants, taught humanity to grow it and make wine. Traveling around the world, he passed on this knowledge to many peoples. In Greece during the time of Christianity, the cult of the deity and joyful celebrations associated with the manufacture of an intoxicated drink remained for a long time. During folk celebrations, theatrical performances were staged, wine feasts and wild festivities took place. To the people of those times, Dionysus seemed to be a carefree optimist, a cheerful and unpretentious young man who brings pleasure and lightness to the world.

Dionysus Character in Greek Horoscope

Representatives of the Dionysus sign are somewhat similar to children. They are spontaneous and sincere in expressing their emotions, good-natured and unforgiving. It is very important for such people to do what they want, otherwise the work will be done somehow or not done at all. Moreover, this applies not only to the profession, but to any occupation, including everyday ones. Because of this, the people of Dionysus periodically have disagreements with others, who consider them frivolous and irresponsible. In fact, having found what they love, the wards of the sign show miracles of hard work and dedication, and often achieve significant professional success.

There are many creative personalities among the people of Dionysus. Sometimes they can have a completely ordinary profession and a creative hobby, in which they also excel well. Representatives of the sign are difficult to adapt to new conditions, are impractical in everyday life. Often, for a prosperous existence, they need a reasonable assistant who will solve everyday issues. The relationship with the wards of Dionysus resembles a kaleidoscope of vivid impressions and emotions. It is easy and pleasant to communicate with them, it is always interesting and exciting to spend time with them. These people are good psychologists, they are able to subtly understand the feelings of others, they are sympathetic and benevolent. They make great partners for the hard-headed realists who so lack the sense of celebration.

The cheerful Dionysus endows his wards with many positive qualities. They are smiling, perky and restless since childhood. These people are distinguished by the breadth of interests and deep knowledge of many life issues, they have time to try a lot of activities. Representatives of the sign are friendly, quickly forgive insults, do not like to cheat, deceive and weave intrigues. They are outstanding, bright and open personalities. The disadvantages of character include emotional instability, vulnerability and helplessness. Problems drive Dionysus’ wards into depression and paralysis of the ability to act, and the volatility of interests makes it difficult to focus on one goal. In a state of internal tension, they are not able to provide help or support.

Dionysus Man

Men of the Dionysus sign in any conditions are able to attract the attention of fans. They are gallant, courteous, attentive, happy to give compliments. Their good sense of humor and ease of communication make them interesting conversationalists. Wards of the sign gush with ideas and can sometimes seem strange. They cannot stand monotony and patterns, they love new experiences. Others may consider them unreliable and windy. For this reason, the men of Dionysus are in no hurry to get married. As a rule, they do not belong to the careerists and pragmatists. It is difficult for them to change their favorite business to work with a high income. Most often, it is because of this that disagreements arise in the family.

Dionysus Woman

The women of Dionysus are real mysteries. They can easily find a common language with any person, but they do not like to talk about themselves. They can be housewives with several degrees or successful business women with no education. The woman cannot be forced into frames or forced to live by the rules. In their youth, they follow their desires and often come to strange or exotic occupations. However, having chosen an exciting job for themselves, they succeed in it. Representatives of the sign require the partner to understand and accept their interests, otherwise they will not be able to build long-term relationships. In marriage, they need a certain amount of freedom and time for themselves. Despite their fickle character, the women of Dionysus are loyal, loving spouses and caring mothers.

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