Greek Horoscope: Hades

Hades Dates: October 24 – November 22.

Patronizes the Sign: Scorpio ♏.

Ruling Planet: Pluto ♇.

Hades is the ruler and judge of the underworld of the dead, brother of the supreme Olympian Zeus. He takes care of those born in the period from October 24 to November 22, which corresponds to the sign of Scorpio from the element of Water. This is the least revered god, as only a few temples dedicated to him are known. Probably, the fear of death forced the inhabitants of Ancient Greece to mention the name of the harsh Hades less. Over time, they began to call him Pluto, which means "rich", and considered as the lord of treasures hidden in the bowels of the earth. Despite the terrible calling, this is one of the most positive gods. Hades is a conscientious performer of his duties, fair, honest and, most importantly, loyal, unlike other Olympians. Out of love for his wife, he allowed her to live only 3 months with him, the rest of the time to stay on earth.

Hades Character in Greek Horoscope

People of Hades, like their patron, are often disliked. The reason is that they are less willing to obey the norms of society than others. As a rule, the wards of the sign are laconic, they especially do not like to talk about themselves and their plans. They are straightforward, cannot stand flattery, and do not seek praise. Because of this, they cause fear and seem incomprehensible to others, sometimes too rude. In their work, the people of Aida are very scrupulous and persistent, not inclined to retreat in the face of difficulties. They are great hard workers, therefore they achieve considerable results in the profession, including material ones. They prefer to act independently, in a team they often conflict if something does not go the way they want.

The character of the representatives of the sign is quite complex. From childhood, they look too independent, but at the same time they really require love and care. Adults cause envy for their work success and strong character. However, an inner uncertainty is often hidden behind external invincibility. Often, people of Aida are afraid or do not know how to build relationships and suffer from unrequited feelings. It is difficult for them to trust someone or allow them to make decisions. Having coped with this invisible obstacle, the wards of the god of death find inner peace and become softer and more open. For loved ones, they are loyal friends and partners who will help at any time. At work, hardworking employees or fair leaders.

The people of Hades have many positive character traits. They are honest, serious, resistant to the effects of stress, preferring to act rather than wait for better conditions. Having taken up the work, they will bring it to the end. Representatives of the sign know exactly what they want and how to achieve it. They practically do not lend themselves to persuasion and manipulation. Although they have a rather introverted disposition, they are well versed in people and can influence them. The negative characteristics of Hades’ charges include excessive suspicion, distrust and secrecy. Often they try to do it in their own way and do not compromise. Jealous, both men and women. It is almost impossible to communicate with them in a bad mood.

Hades Man

Among the wards of the Greek gods, the men of Hades stand out for their special strength. First, because they love sports and healthy food, they are not prone to bad habits. They are strong in their moral convictions and rules. Representatives of the sign do not shift the blame for failures on others, they know how to learn from mistakes and courageously admit that they are wrong. There are few opportunists and hypocrites among them. People of Aida have a high level of aspirations, therefore they achieve a lot in life. Developing relationships with men of the sign is not easy. For this reason, they start a family rather late. Having got married, they become loving, reliable and loyal partners, with whom any hardships of life are not afraid.

Hades Woman

The women of Hades are some of the most attractive women for the opposite sex. They are full of contradictions: soft, caring, adore household chores, but at the same time, they are straightforward, pragmatic and do not like to talk about their feelings. Few of them do not work even when the children are young. Starting a career, they immediately set a high standard for themselves, they are valued so excellent specialists. The women of Aida are able to give all their best at the service and take up household chores in a good mood. They are wonderful mothers and wives, good friends, they have a subtle sense of the state of their loved ones. They are trusted more than others. Representatives of the sign can forgive many offenses, but not treason. With the one who betrayed, the relationship will never be renewed.

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