Greek Horoscope: Hera

Hera Dates: December 22 – January 20.

Patronizes the Sign: Capricorn ♑.

Ruling Planet: Saturn ♄.

Hera is the patroness of marriage, family and motherhood, the wife of Zeus and the ruler of Olympus. She favors those born between December 22 and January 20. This period in the classical horoscope belongs to the sign of Capricorn from the element of the Earth. In Greece, Hera was revered as the most powerful goddess, many temples and holidays are dedicated to her. As the guardian of marital fidelity, sacrifices were made to her on her wedding day, married women prayed for the continuation of the family, and mothers for the health of their children. Myths say that the honors of people did not make Hera happy, she suffered from the constant betrayal of Zeus. The imperious and jealous goddess did her best to keep her husband’s attention, cunningly and treacherously took revenge on his mistresses and children.

Hera Character in Greek Horoscope

Family is the main goal in life for people of the Hera sign. Moreover, they equally care not only about spouses and children, but also about other relatives. As a rule, the wards of the sign like to live in large houses. They are friendly, hospitable, love to relax and spend holidays in a wide circle of loved ones. In difficult times, they are always ready to support and help. At the same time, Hera’s people are gray cardinals who are trying to control and manage everything, nothing goes past their attention. For their own purposes, they can use blackmail or deception. This behavior often causes conflicts. At the same time, the wards of the sign are justified by the fact that they care exclusively about the welfare of their relatives.

Hera’s people love comfort and try to provide for their families well. They clearly understand their desires and capabilities, and purposefully build their careers. They can live very modestly if there is no other way out. However, they do not like saving, although it is difficult to call it spenders. This is a category of people who know how to establish a dignified existence in any circumstances. There are many private entrepreneurs among the representatives of the Hera sign, as they try to work independently. In a relationship, they want to have more influence, which is why they can put pressure on partners. But in general, the wards of the goddess are reliable, loyal and selfless individuals, good spouses, friends and employees.

Representatives of the Hera sign are modest and self-confident, do not give in to persuasion and are not tempted by flattery. They understand well what they want from fate, they are not inclined to empty pastime. The wards of the goddess are hardworking, balanced and patient, in most cases they achieve what they want. They are reasonable and responsible from school years, which inspires the confidence of others. At the same time, Hera’s people are very jealous, often insane and unreasonable. They are also very suspicious and distrustful, with difficulty forgiving mistakes to others. In a bad mood, these are gloomy and irritable personalities who avoid communication, can be rude or offend without noticing it.

Hera Man

Hera’s men are wonderful husbands and fathers, very sensitive to the state of loved ones. They may not speak, but they notice everything that is happening around them, they understand well the reasons for the behavior of their relatives. The wards of the sign are very caring, quickly forgive insults to their loved ones, try with all their might not to upset them. However, in raising children, they are demanding and strict. In their work, these people are scrupulous employees and authoritative leaders, rarely occupying one position for a long time. Most of Hera’s men are confidently moving up the career ladder. They like to be aware of their strength and capabilities, to satisfy the needs and desires of loved ones. Lack of success greatly reduces the self-esteem of the stronger sex.

Hera Woman

Hera’s women can be confidently called ideal. They combine sensuality and attractiveness with wisdom and strong character. Representatives of the sign are observant, subtly versed in people, it is difficult to deceive them. These ladies are courteous, modest and patient, but they will not allow themselves to be ruled. Having married, they try to live separately from their parents. They are wonderful housewives, they will always find time and opportunities to keep the house in order. The family does not limit their worries to cooking and cleaning. Hera’s women are most involved in raising children, while they do not deprive their husbands of attention, manage to build a career and earn good money. They strive to be financially independent, as this gives them confidence in their abilities.

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