Greek Horoscope: Hermes

Hermes Dates: May 22 – June 21.

Patronizes the Sign: Gemini ♊.

Ruling Planet: Mercury ☿.

Hermes is the son of the ruler of Olympus Zeus and the nymph Maya. He is the patron saint of those born from May 22 to June 21, in the period that corresponds to the zodiac sign Gemini from the element of Air. Roman mythology renamed Hermes Mercury and endowed him with a number of new traits and obligations. From an eloquent and cunning patron of traders, travelers, heralds and thieves, he turned into a messenger of the gods, a guardian of crafts and arts, a connoisseur of magic and a guide to the afterlife of the souls of the dead. Hermes, the only one of the Olympic celestials, constantly wandered and almost never visited his sacred abode. He was traditionally depicted with a traveler’s staff and winged sandals.

Hermes Character in Greek Horoscope

According to the Greek horoscope, the wandering god endows the representatives of his sign with a love of change and novelty. They are the first to appreciate and accept unusual ideas, to become pioneers or reformers in their field. They cannot be forced into frames or forced to act according to a template. The consciousness of these inventive personalities is constantly looking for alternative ways to solve any life problems. Most of Hermes’ wards are creative people employed in professions with changeable working conditions or requiring constant movement. In their youth, they can change several educational institutions, and then constantly sort out vacancies and often move from place to place.

In relationships, the people of Hermes show their irrepressible energy and thirst for new experiences. They will open an unknown world to loved ones, never letting them get bored for a moment. Sometimes it seems that these are big children, their behavior is so direct. They know how to make good money, but with great difficulty they keep funds, they can spend their last money on travel or entertainment. As a rule, Hermes’ wards do not experience failures and griefs deeply and for a short time. Often, finding themselves in difficult situations through their own fault, they do not draw the necessary conclusions. Thanks to resourcefulness and oratorical talent, in times of crisis they easily escape responsibility for their actions or shift the blame onto others.

People of the sign of Hermes inherit the traits of their guardian. First, it is creative thinking and tireless search for new things. They are interested in everything in the world, know a lot and love to learn, quickly delve into the essence of the problem and act. In each team, such individuals ensure progress in work. These people are cheerful, friendly, talkative, they know how to keep up a conversation in any company. The negative qualities of Hermes’ wards include inconstancy, irresponsibility, a tendency not to complete affairs. Representatives of the sign are persistent when passionate about something, but they tend to quickly become disappointed and lose interest in classes or other people. Unfortunately, they are one of the most unreliable partners in both business and personal life.

Hermes Man

The Hermes man attracts attention with his openness and great erudition. He can talk about everything in the world and from the first acquaintance seem to be an old friend. Promising to help, he immediately gets down to business, creating the impression of a very kind person. True, obligations are not always fulfilled, often because too many of them accumulate. The man of the sign cannot live without communication, he is bored to work and rest alone. As a rule, Hermes’ wards in life have more than one marriage and many intrigues, because in every woman they see a riddle that so excites the imagination. A happy family life can be provided by a partner who knows well the weaknesses of her man and how to manage them, and is also ready to endure his windy nature.

Hermes Woman

The woman of the Hermes sign has time for everything in life. Her energy and enthusiasm infects those around her and makes them a little jealous. Where else can you find a well-groomed lady, dressed in fashionable novelties, who, during her vacation, has time to travel, study, take care of children and look great? At work, she is an irreplaceable employee. Even in a modest position, she is valued by management for deep knowledge, ability to quickly understand new information and creative approach to problem-solving. Because of her passion for changing places and environments, life with her seems like an endless kaleidoscope. The woman of the sign is amorous, but rarely changes. For her, it’s more of a way to tickle her nerves.

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