Greek Horoscope: Hestia

Hestia Dates: April 21 – May 21.

Patronizes the Sign: Taurus ♉.

Ruling Planet: Venus ♀.

Hestia is one of the most important and revered Greek goddesses, the elder sister of the ruler of Olympus, Zeus. People born from April 21 to May 21 are under her patronage. In the classic horoscope, this period corresponds to the zodiac sign Taurus from the element of the Earth. According to mythology, young Hestia took a vow of celibacy, rejecting the courtship of the powerful Poseidon and the handsome Apollo. The ancient Greeks believed that any business that she favored would end successfully. Hestia’s wards are real keepers of the family, creators of material and spiritual wealth. In her temples, the sacred flame never extinguished, a particle of it as a talisman was taken with them, leaving their homeland. All celebrations began with the offering of a sacrifice to the altar of the goddess.

Hestia Character in Greek Horoscope

People under the auspices of Hestia have a well-balanced demeanor and seem a little detached from the rest of the world. As a rule, they have smooth speech and movement, strong emotional reactions are extremely rare. Sometimes it looks like these people are idle, lazy people. In fact, Hestia’s wards are very hardworking, persistent and goal-oriented. They are in no hurry, because they know very well what and when they need to do. These are individuals with a strong character who will not be forced to turn off the intended path by flattery, promises, or threats. People of this sign are a support for loved ones and family, as well as those whom they take care of.

Most of all personalities are born under the sign of Hestia who want to change the world for the better. They, like no one else, are ready to take care of others, generously giving their love and attention. Therefore, there are many representatives of social professions among them: teachers, doctors, educators. The wards of the goddess in any team delight colleagues with their presence, smooth over conflicts, everyone loves them. The home of the people of Hestia is a full bowl, a reliable fortress for a family, where you constantly want to return. Surprisingly, these modest persons awaken the best thoughts and qualities in those around them. They steadfastly endure stressful situations and psychological stress, are able to support others in difficult conditions.

The inhabitants of Ancient Greece believed that Hestia endows her wards with a wonderful talent to do everything well, be it handicrafts or raising children. Under the auspices of the goddess, patient, stubborn, very hard-working personalities are born who are well versed in people. They are difficult to deceive, infuriate or force them to act contrary to their beliefs. But at the same time, they can show excessive isolation, passivity in business, irritability. As a rule, representatives of the Hestia sign are big couch potatoes and cannot stand noisy companies, it is difficult for them to work in unstable conditions. They love comfort and can sacrifice more important things for it.

Hestia Man

Men of the Hestia sign are good caring sons, husbands and fathers, conscientious employees and reliable friends. You can safely rely on them in difficult times. From a young age they are aware of their responsibility for those close to them, so among them there are rarely loafers or people with addictions. Thanks to perseverance and diligence, they achieve great career heights. There are many creative personalities, scientists and inventors among them. Despite this, men of the sign most value family and try to be successful primarily for the good of their relatives. They plunge into love with their heads and may not see that they are being used. Disappointed in a relationship, they often become real hermits.

Hestia Woman

Hestia women put the welfare of loved ones first in their lives. Their abode is always tidy and smells delicious. It is not difficult for them to change jobs for a stove and diapers. This does not mean that the ladies of the sign are entirely housewives. On the contrary, they are valuable employees, experienced and executive, often in leadership positions and earn good money. The hardships of life cannot break the wards of Hestia. In any situation, they are able to take care of themselves and their loved ones. For the opposite sex, these women are reliable companions who give love, warmth and peace. They know how to accurately choose a suitable partner, rarely enter into several marriages or are left alone.

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