Greek Horoscope: Poseidon

Poseidon Dates: February 19 – March 20.

Patronizes the Sign: Pisces ♓.

Ruling Planet: Neptune ♆.

Poseidon is the patron saint of water and navigation, brother of the head of the Olympians Zeus. Those born from February 19 to March 20 are entrusted to his care. This period coincides with the sign of Pisces from the element of Water. In Ancient Greece, the sea god was highly revered, especially in coastal settlements. Later, the Romans took over his cult, calling him Neptune. Ancient myths claim that Poseidon himself built the first ship and taught people to sail. For this reason, Greek sailors most often prayed to their patron and decorated sailing ships with his images. Legends tell that when Poseidon was calm and balanced, the sea became calm and a fair wind blew. As soon as the deity became angry, a storm arose, which sank ships and could even naughty those living on land.

Poseidon Character in Greek Horoscope

Representatives of the Poseidon sign are distinguished by their great vulnerability and irascible temperament. They have a subtle sense of the location of others and tend to worry a lot about it. Criticism, disdain, and ridicule evoke violent reactions, be it annoyance or overwhelming discouragement. Along with this, the people of Poseidon understand well the suffering of others, they know how to empathize and comfort in difficult times. In a calm and friendly atmosphere, they are exemplary workers, interesting and cheerful friends with whom to spend time pleasantly. As soon as the wards of the sign do not like something, they turn into dissatisfied angry personalities, it is impossible to explain anything to them.

Poseidon’s wards are saved from many troubles by a developed intuition. People of the sign tend to live on a whim, following their desires. Planning and discipline are not for them, and a strict daily routine drives them into depression. Success in work is achieved only when they adore their work. Getting the people of Poseidon to do something is as difficult as quieting the sea. They will find 100 and 1 reasons to dodge. In a relationship, too, it will not work to put pressure on feelings or demand something. Representatives of the sign can be loving, patient and selfless, if they are sure that loved ones accept them with all the advantages and disadvantages. As a rule, they enter into marriage only after long deliberation, when the last doubts about the choice of a partner disappear.

The nature of the people of Poseidon is dominated by good nature, responsiveness, sincerity and sensitivity. In addition, the wards of the sign love to communicate, know a lot and know how to listen. They are hospitable hosts, they know how to organize a wonderful holiday. These individuals work great in a team if they are treated with the proper respect. They can work tirelessly for two when they are interested in the matter. Of the negative properties, imbalance and incontinence are most often manifested. People of the Poseidon sign can flare up from one insulting, in their opinion, word, then they will be offended for a long time and wait for an apology. In a bad mood, they themselves do not consider it shameful to upset others. Sometimes their behavior shows envy and vindictiveness.

Poseidon Man

Poseidon’s men are difficult to understand and decipher. Perhaps because they act spontaneously, under the influence of the sixth sense. Male representatives at work can be tough, demanding and picky, at the same time at home – soft and sensual. They also make decisions in different ways. Sometimes they quickly, impulsively, sometimes they think for a long time, not listening to logical arguments. Because of failures, they are very upset, but, unfortunately, they are in no hurry to draw conclusions. Marriage with them is not easy, especially for rational, sensible women. Poseidon’s men unconsciously want praise and admiration, recognition of their exclusivity, it is hard to put up with criticism. However, family is very important to them. For dear people, men of the sign are capable of any feats.

Poseidon Woman

Female representatives of the Poseidon sign are extremely charming. They discover their feminine strength and attractiveness faster than others, intuitively or consciously use it. These ladies tend to evaluate the world by their feelings, they also make decisions. They are creative individuals and great psychologists. They can excellently build relationships, feel and understand others perfectly. Winning the trust of Poseidon’s women is difficult. Those who succeed find reliable and faithful girlfriends, life companions. The wards of the sign are well versed in the nature of loved ones, their needs and desires, they are able to heal mental wounds. Despite the impetuous nature, they are warm and cozy with them.

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