Greek Horoscope: Zeus

Zeus Dates: November 23 – December 21.

Patronizes the Sign: Sagittarius ♐.

Ruling Planet: Jupiter ♃.

Zeus is the supreme ruler of the ancient Greek pantheon, ruler of the world and protector of justice. Having defeated his father Kronos, he took the throne from him and divided the sacred duties between close relatives. The Romans adopted the cult of the god, calling him Jupiter. According to mythology, Zeus patronizes those born from November 23 to December 21. In the classic horoscope, this period coincides with the sign of Sagittarius of the element of Fire. The inhabitants of Greece endowed the head of Olympus with many positive characteristics. For example, they considered him the creator of the state and laws, the guardian of order among people and gods. But he also had enough sins. Zeus was very loving and often cheated on his wife Hera. Like a man, he was often angry, spewing out thunder and lightning.

Zeus Character in Greek Horoscope

The wards of the sign of Zeus are born leaders and warriors. They react sharply to violations of laws, are always ready to take the side of the truth and protect the offended. These individuals do not like to obey, therefore they try to become leaders or act independently. They are ready to work in a team only for the sake of a big goal; even a good salary does not always appeal to them. Zeus’s people cannot stand routine and monotony. Wherever life takes them, they try to find something for which they can fight. They need passion, the intensity of emotions against the backdrop of various events. For this reason, the wards of the sign like sports, extreme entertainment, travel and love adventures.

In their work, the people of Zeus are active, persistent and very purposeful. Occupations with unstable working conditions are most suitable for them. The wards of the sign do not succumb to stress, and the emergence of new tasks causes them hunting excitement. As a rule, during their life they change their occupation several times, many try to open their own business. They are financially successful, but at the same time wasteful, which can sometimes create unnecessary problems for themselves. In a relationship, they are passionate and sensual partners who will desperately fight for their love. Unfortunately, they quickly cool if the other half does not know how to maintain the fire of passion. A measured family life is not for representatives of this sign.

In the character of Zeus’ wards, positive properties stand out – decency, ability to work, energy, openness to new experience. People of the sign are inquisitive, they are constantly learning something, they are not afraid of changes. They have enough enthusiasm and strength to deal with several projects at the same time. Often, a sense of justice pushes them to actively participate in public life. Negative traits of Zeus’ wards are inconsistency and inconsistency. These people work with enthusiasm while they are interested. Carried away by a new idea, previous cases may not be completed. Likewise, they are capable of breaking promises. They do not like criticism, they tend to blame others for their failures.

Zeus Man

Men-Zeus in their youth "try on" more than one occupation – from sports to full-time work. They enter adulthood with an experience that is even difficult for most one-year-olds to imagine. However, priorities are determined for a long time. Men of the sign want to try a lot, because it is difficult for them to settle on something completely. This also applies to personal life. Representatives of the stronger sex often fall in love and are in no hurry to get married. Their first marriage often falls apart. As a rule, having learned from their mistakes, in the next relationship they become more mature and responsible. Among the men of Zeus, bachelors are the most.

Zeus Woman

Women of this sign cannot imagine life without a successful career. Moreover, achievements for them are, first, a high position, fame and honor. They often come across as educated, well-mannered and delicate ladies. In fact, they will not give themselves offense to anyone, because they have a strong masculine character, which they try to hide from the opposite sex. Having experienced more than one love drama in their youth, they can get married by calculation and feel happy. Household affairs, as a rule, do not like and try to evade them. Among the women of Zeus, housewives are very rare. Representatives of the sign are overly fond of children, but bring them up in severity.

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