Aquarius Halloween

Uranus protects Aquarius, endowing them with inexhaustible creative energy, innovative research, bold dreams and fantasies. These unusual people are always seen in the crowd or at a party — they like to shock people by their behavior. The logical mind of these representatives of the air element makes them thinkers and philosophers.

Aquarians are very sociable and good-natured. They always have close friends. These proponents of truth and justice can put anyone in an awkward position. The sense of humor of Uranian wards often turns into light sarcasm, which irritates those around him. Aquarius — freedom-loving people, honest and executive business partners.

The people of this sign have an amazing propensity for divination. It is they who often dream of prophetic dreams. They are optimistic about Halloween, they are waiting for the holiday with impatience, preparing the costume, gifts and surprises in advance, decorating the house.

Galileo, Mozart, Byron, Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll, Thomas Edison, Paris Hilton are bright representatives of this air sign.

Aquarius Halloween Costume

Often Aquarius — introverts. They like shocking, chic and glossy, although they themselves perceive it as something quite normal. Representatives of this sign in everyday life dress quite simply, but clothes and footwear prefer well-known brands. For Halloween, they can be dressed in the highest degree exquisitely, which will impress the people around.

Aquarius men fit Hatter costume from "Alice in Wonderland." It is this image, as best as possible, that reflects the true essence of the people of this sign. Wonderful shoes of bright color, pants in a cage, a striped jacket, a neck scarf, a red wig and a big expressive hat. To create the appearance of this character it is necessary to impose on the face a lot of makeups: ruddy cheeks, shadows on the eyelids, emphasize the line of eyebrows and increase the amount of eyelashes. Choose bright green lenses for the eyes. Such a costume will catch your eye, which is very like the favorites of Uranus.

Aquarius woman will prefer the refined image of a witch. Tight black leather pants, a shiny jacket, heels, perhaps a tail from improvised materials or even a horn on his head, a wig with chic hair, a bright manicure. In the hands of a whisk or a whip. Such a provocative and screaming outfit will please the imagination of Aquarius.

This air sign prefers fresh and light aromas, does not tolerate gravity and sweets in the perfume. Smells of sandalwood, mint, tea tree will suit the representatives of Uranus. Aquarius like herbaceous and forest aromas of raspberry, sweet clover, ash flowers.

Halloween Gift for Aquarius

People of this sign are very fond of making gifts. Thin psychologists and connoisseurs of human nature, they easily guess the mood of the interlocutor, with the accuracy of the sniper they manage to select the most desired gifts.

Aquarians are very practical and rational people, so they prefer gifts: a pumpkin-shaped lamp with a candle inside, as an element of home decor, will please these connoisseurs of beauty; watches and mirrors in an unusual frame will also be taken with pleasure. Bracelet made of platinum or silver with moonstone, earrings with long chains will be a pleasant surprise. Men will be pleased with Halloween cufflinks, an unusual pen or purse, a money clip.

Sweets Aquarius prefer air and light: eclairs with vanilla filling, biscuit cakes and pastries, white chocolate. People under the auspices of Uranus love to travel, especially they like walks through the forest, along lakes and rivers, hiking through wild places. As a surprise for Aquarius, a trip with friends to the countryside, where on the bank of the river you can make a fire and arrange a real sabbath with dances and songs, have plenty of time to chat with close people in a warm and cozy company, continuing conversations until the morning.

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