Cancer Halloween

Cancer refers to the water element. The ruling planet of this sign is the Moon. It gives them sensuality, vulnerability, restraint. Cancers are idealists and dreamers. They are incredulous to people and are secretive towards others. This sign of the zodiac is inherent slowness in making important decisions. Often, while they doubt and think, the moment is already lost.

The family hearth for Cancer is a shrine. They are very jealous of their partner. Cancers are prone to occult sciences, but rarely use this gift. They often see beings from the afterlife: dead people and animals, but this does not do them any harm. Halloween frightens this sign, as the chance to encounter those who are no longer increases.

Another striking feature of representatives of this sign of the zodiac is their bohemianism. In clubs, bars and restaurants, Cancer is often the soul of the company. Pierre Cardin, Giorgio Armani, Sylvester Stallone, Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks — they are all born under the auspices of the mysterious moon.

Cancer Halloween Costume

A Cancer woman can be attractive and interesting when she needs it. She can hide information that, in her opinion, should not become public and even the spouse. A representative of the element of water is inventive in all respects: she can become nice and kind, smiling and affable if the public demands it; At the same time, with her enemies, which she always has, she is cold and unapproachable. These ladies prefer to ignore all that they do not like, and also do not notice all those people who dislike them.

Representatives of this sign will prefer a modest outfit, so as not to stand out even for Halloween. Of course, a decent dress or suit is mandatory, shoes, as well as shoes in general, are given a special place. Lunar ladies have pale skin, so stylists recommend a rich, bright make-up, especially in the eye area. Hairstyle should also be on top. Cancer women like glasses and old-fashioned masks for Halloween in addition to the already existing image.

On the energy horoscope it is the Cancers who take the first place in the rating of vampirism. Therefore, the costume of Bella or Edward — the main characters of the novel "Twilight", they will ideally suit them. Will only add red lenses for the eyes. The Cancer man will look good in the costume of Gandalf from the movie "Lord of the Rings": a gray hat, a cloak, long loose hair hanging with locks, a staff.

Floral and fruit aromas of perfumery water will complement the image of Cancer. The smell of Jasmine will calm emotions. Silver jewelry with moonstone will best be combined with these creative natures.

Halloween Gift for Cancer

The best gift for Halloween for a Cancer woman is the pot-bellied bottle of her favorite toilet water or perfume in a bright box on which the attributes of the holiday are depicted. To choose a quality gift for a man of this sign, you need to find out what he is addicted to. And the surprise should correspond to subjects of his hobby, whether it be music or art.

Cancers like noisy companies, but only with those they know. New people always cause discomfort in the wards of the moon. They are very suspicious and easily succumb to stress, which can cause strangers. Therefore, the celebration of Halloween for Cancer should take place in a warm company of friends, with a mandatory pumpkin, inside of which a candle is lit. This sign greatly appreciates the atmosphere, so the abundance of cobwebs on the walls, spiders hanging from the ceiling, skeletons in the closet — an indispensable element of the holiday. Observance of traditions is important to this sign.

Cancers are great gourmets. Sweets are wary. They prefer homemade cakes: cakes, biscuits, cookies, pies, eclairs with protein cream, cakes.

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