Capricorn Halloween

Capricorn is the most mysterious sign in the whole zodiac. Saturn patronizes these earthly people. Capricorns are very hardworking, they can not sit around. People of this sign always achieve their goals. Very reasonable and reserved. Saturn’s wards are not easy to call for candor. Often they remain withdrawn, both in deeds and in conversation, adhering to their opinion.

Capricorns are very practical and economical, are constant in their choice, have a strong willpower and a strong character. Literally, the steel inner core allows people of this sign to remain unshakable and stubborn. Saturn - the most mysterious planet, like his wards. Halloween they perceive as a tribute to a tradition that should not be broken. Everything that is connected with otherworldly forces, causes representatives of this sign respect.

Isaac Newton, Rudyard Kipling, John Tolkien, Richard Nixon, Elvis Presley, Nicolas Cage, Kate Moss, Amanda Pete — eminent representatives of this sign.

Capricorn Halloween Costume

People under the auspices of Saturn do not particularly like to dress up as fairy-tale characters. On Halloween, they prefer a simple mask. Decorate the house and porch these people trust the spouse or children. At the wish of the household, they will buy sweets in the store. Capricorns will not take an active part in the Sabbath about the holiday.

Particularly creative representatives of this sign will suit the suit of Volan de Mort from books and films about Harry Potter. The character is not easy to play out. Of course, an elder-stick is an obligatory attribute of this image. On the shoulders you can throw a black mantle from the lungs of developing tissues. Special work — to create a suitable face: you can use a mask or make-up, which will have to work hard. Another favorite character from the books about Harry Potter is Severus Snape. His appearance can also be reproduced with a black robe and wand, it is desirable to add a wig with dark hair to the shoulders.

Capricorn women will not be allowed to color their faces, preferring a mask from the movie "Scream", behind which you can hide your true identity. Add to this a black hoodie and braid as an attribute — the suit is ready. Ironically, many representatives of this sign will not be against trying on a gnome suit, perhaps because of a beard, for which it is easy to hide their face. As is known from Tolkien’s books, gnome women also have a beard. Volumetric pants, powerful shoes with expressive soles, a shirt and vest, a knife and an ax that hang on a belt of trousers, a hat on the head and, of course, a beard.

To such images, perfume with the smell of moss, woody notes and aroma of medicinal herbs is suitable. Capricorns prefer camellia, tobacco smells with a scent of leather, and a delicate aftertaste of jasmine.

Halloween Gift for Capricorn

Responsible Capricorns will be pleased with the diary in leather binding with the image of some monster as a gift for Halloween. Handle in high-quality packaging will also become a pleasant present. Capricorns are very skeptical about too expensive gifts, preferring to acquire their own what they need.

Men of this sign for Halloween can be presented with a mug or glass from Obsidian — a black stone of volcanic origin. Women can use topaz or onyx with an opening inside and threaded through it with an ordinary leather cord or chain. Such an amulet female Capricorn will accept with great pleasure, since representatives of this sign do not like to wear a lot of costume jewelry and other ornaments, many even have their ears pierced for wearing earrings.

Surprise for Capricorn to organize very difficult and risky. These people prefer to organize themselves to organize surprises. Before you come up with something for Saturn’s wards, it’s better to discuss various options with them beforehand. Sweet Capricorns are relatively calm. They do not mind eating nuts, berries and fruits in chocolate. They prefer sweet drinks to confectionery.

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