Gemini Halloween

The element of this sign of the zodiac is air. These are the people in life: light, airy, unpredictable. This is a dual sign of the zodiac - a man is able to behave in a certain way with his superiors and very differently show himself in family relationships. This duplicity develops over the years and only benefits the Gemini, as well as their entourage.

The people of this sign are extremely intelligent. Their knowledge covers the most diverse spheres of life: finance; history and literature; Art, in which they show themselves to connoisseurs and connoisseurs; as well as politics and science. Twins like to show their mind, which often affects their career negatively.

In love and family life, this sign is completely unpredictable. A man born under the auspices of Mercury will never leave his family in a difficult situation. It is in partnership with such a partner that you can feel all the colors of the relationship: surprises, gifts, unexpected adventures, exclusive affection. Their love can brightly flare up, and then quickly fade away due to boredom.

Often these representatives of such a windy element are squanders, prone to loans and debts. They do not know how to accumulate and save, they spend everything at once, generously endowing others. Despite this quality inherent in the sign, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, like Donald John Trump, was born under the sign of Gemini.

Gemini Halloween Costume

The Gemini woman prefers to always look elegant and outrageous. Angelina Jolie and Marilyn Monroe confirm this. The costume for Halloween Lara Croft, as well as the famous white air dress of the famous singer will be chic options for the representatives of this sign.

A beautiful dress in the floor with a deep neckline or open back, expensive shoes, an impeccable hairstyle — an image of a model, an actress of a movie or a singer. This option representative of the sign under the auspices of Mercury will be considered quite desirable. Jewelry with Emeralds, Agates, Pomegranate will emphasize the dignity of the figure and complexion.

To men born under the sign of Gemini, it will fit to dress up Hagrid from films and books about Harry Potter. A fucking, kind character will eclipse everyone in Halloween celebrations. And to prepare such a suit is not so difficult: a voluminous and wide cloak, an overhead beard and disheveled hair, and of course, a pink umbrella.

The hobbit suit of Bilbo Baggins from the "Lord of the Rings" with huge legs will be inimitable. Short panties on suspenders visually reduce the growth of any man. Twins will be delighted by the fact that on the streets of the city they are shown by the finger of passers-by. People will turn around and whisper — this is the best that representatives of this sign can only wish for themselves on Halloween.

Active and energetic wards Mercury suitable perfume with citrus notes and spicy aromas. This sign is variable in its preferences for smells due to changeable nature.

Halloween Gift for Gemini

Representatives of this sign are very fond of gifts. Especially they are attracted by bright packaging. Men and women like gifts exclusive and catchy, which no one else has. Therefore, for Gemini, a gift is better made to order or with your own hands. An unusual vase shape, a clock without arrows or a unique photo — the best options for Halloween gifts.

Twins love to travel. Therefore, as a surprise, you can plan a trip to another city to friends or relatives. How much joy will experience the Twins, when the owners of the house will be surprised by their presence on the doorstep in fairy-tale suits.

This sign of the zodiac is very fond of sweets, but it is selective in them. Old-fashioned oil cream, this symbol prefers protein filler. Caramel is much more delicious than any other stuffing. These people do not like it when their hands become dirty and sticky, so they do not want to offer shortbread cookies that are strewed, as well as chocolate that melts in their hands.

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