Leo Halloween

The element of fire and flame, led by the Sun, protects the Leo. Bright, requiring constant attention to themselves, are always the first — such are representatives of this sign of the zodiac. All Leos without exception are vain, proud and ambitious. They need to prove themselves and deserve a high position in society. Under the patronage of the Sun, these people are temperamental and purposeful. But the most important thing for them is to create their own family in order to designate the territory of their empire.

Children of the Sun do not tolerate criticism in their address, they can become locked in themselves and become ordinary and boring. The Leo always goes into open battle, demonstrating himself as a winner. They are firm in their convictions and principles. They are practical and scrupulous, they are owners. Not romance. They are more comfortable with the conventionality and observance of norms and dogmas.

Regal in their manners and behavior Lions often take care of the weak. Napoleon, Henry Ford, George Bernard Shaw, Armstrong, George Soros, Barack Obama, Coco Chanel, Whitney Houston, Joan Rowling, Jennifer Lopez — not all the list of eminent representatives of this sign.

Leo Halloween Costume

Over the costume for Halloween, you do not have to think long: kings and queens, kings and queens — all luxury should be embodied in the guise of Leo. Gold, diamonds, sapphires and emeralds, platinum — all the most precious and brilliant. This is exactly what the Lion likes.

As you know, Harry Potter was born under this sign. Create a look to it like easy: round glasses, wand, light pants, turtleneck, appropriate hairstyle. Black robes with Griffendor’s coat of arms are also very relevant for Halloween.

For women-Leo, the image of Margarita from Bulgakov’s novel Master and Margarita is suitable. Elegant shoes, the most brilliant dress, crown or diadem, luxurious dark wavy hair, even if in the form of a wig, will give the look a truly amazing look. It is good, if at such lady there will be both a cat of the huge sizes, and other retinue. Margarita will be the queen of the ball, the mistress of Halloween. Greater female Lion and can not wish. It will become the center of attention.

For the man of this sign the suit of the Devil himself will suit. Of course, the king of all the otherworldly and unearthly, the afterlife and the mysterious descended to Halloween from his halls. Black mantle, black satin suit with a red kerchief in a breast pocket. And the Leo have a predatory luster in their eyes. Golden cuff-links of a jacket, polished to shine of a shoe. In this man must be a gloss and self-confidence.

Leo prefer the classic sweet perfume. Exquisite aroma of narcissus, notes of patchouli and ylang-ylang, basil with a tart constituent of ginger and patchouli. Saturated perfume will complement the already vivid image.

Halloween Gift for Leo

Even on Halloween, Leo gives preference to expensive, high-quality gifts that are of high value without a wrapper. Jewels, exquisite underwear, silk scarves and scarves, for men a cigarette case or a money clip.

Leos are passionate hunters to noisy parties. On Halloween, as a surprise, you can take a representative of this sign to the best club or restaurant where the celebration takes place. Music, a bright light in which the abundance of stones gleams on a representative of the fire element, bubbles in a glass of champagne — a real ball in their honor. The women of this sign will be delighted if their elect will make them an offer in sight at all. So that the music is silent, all the talk subsided — and for a moment all attention was focused only on them.

Leo crazy love sweets. A cake from the best confectionery store will please and satisfy the most refined taste. Chocolate fountain and waiters with trays will add to the holiday of luxury.

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