Libra Halloween

Venus gave Libra such rare qualities as elegance, refinement, attentiveness to the feelings of other people. Excellent listeners, they easily manage to achieve the disposition and trust of the interlocutor. They easily manage to smooth out any conflict thanks to a clear mind.

Representatives of this sign have a strong sense of justice. Libra honors discipline and tradition, so celebrating Halloween for them is an obligatory event. Having become parents, the people of this sign along with the children go to neighbor’s houses in the costumes of ghosts and different animals, are engaged in the preparation of sweets. They traditionally decorate the house with cobwebs and lots of candles. In a warm family circle carve a pumpkin.

Libra women love different knickknacks, shiny items and accessories. They are characterized by a quick-tempered and capricious nature. They are prone to laziness. Men-Libra are very freedom-loving. In a romantic relationship, they want to act as a conqueror. They easily manage to conquer the weaker sex. Men born under the auspices of Venus are very loving. But they fall in love rarely and for a long time.

Among the representatives of this sign are many politicians and actors. Vladimir Putin, Michael Douglas, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Will Smith, Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Libra Halloween Costume

Under the sign of Libra people are born restrained and neat. Similarly, they apply to the appearance. Classic costume, tie, coat — this is enough to create a proper everyday image. On Halloween, it is enough to wear a mask of a politician or an actor to support the spirit of the holiday.

With a balanced character of this sign of the zodiac, the man will be approached by the image of Death. A hood of white fabric, a long staff, a deep hood — all the necessary attributes. Scales slope to maintain balance in any area of life, just as Death maintains a balance in life.

Women-Libra may well be dressed up as a white queen from the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland". Equally peace-loving, prone to shifting responsibility from their shoulders to strangers. White lace dress, wig, tiara on the head. Ladies born under the auspices of Venus do not like to trouble themselves with additional work. It is enough for them to maintain a proper image among others. With friends, relatives and colleagues, the women of this sign try to always have a good relationship in order to get their support and favor at the right moment. They understand that often controversial issues are resolved based on the opinions of others, not facts. These air people easily cope with the difficulties, because of which others do not sleep at night.

Representatives of this sign give great importance to perfume. They prefer novelties with a warm sweet vanilla scent, a cloying aroma of garden flowers, an exquisite aftertaste of roses and myrtle.

Halloween Gift for Libra

Libra woman will be happy to receive as a gift for Halloween any trinket, a statuette, a magnet on the refrigerator. She likes to feel attention to herself and care from others. She will gladly accept as a gift and costume jewelry with an abundance of stones: turquoise, malachite, jade.

For men of this sign, a strict and business gift is more suitable: a set of handkerchiefs, a tie, a pen in a case. They will appreciate the attention to their person.

Libra is very fond of sweet. Candied fruits, nuts in chocolate, candies with a liquid filling — a favorite delicacy of representatives of this sign. Due to the fact that Libra will not long think about the costume for Halloween and spend time on it, they devote special attention to the cake with great zeal. People of this sign will decorate the holiday cake with elements with the appropriate themes: a pumpkin made of sugar glaze in the center, dancing skeletons of white cream on the sides, images of cartoon characters along the contour. They can spend the whole day cooking sugar skulls and hot pumpkin seeds.

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