Pisces Halloween

The last representatives in the zodiacal circle refer to the elements of water. The ruling planet — Neptune, which gives its wards a strong intuition. By the nature of Pisces are contradictory, not for nothing that they are depicted as two fish that swim in different directions. On the one hand, representatives of this sign are hardworking and persistent, honest and independent, active and methodical in achieving their goals. On the other hand, Pisces — singles and romance, who prefer spiritual values to material ones.

This sign of the zodiac is prone to spiritualism and everything supernatural. Halloween for the representatives of Neptune does not represent anything special, often these people generally forget about it. Do not decorate the house, do not prepare sweets and do not dress up in costumes. They will participate with pleasure in the general holiday, if they are reminded, at least twice, and if they have no other plans.

Michelangelo, Chopin, Hugo, George Washington, Elizabeth Taylor, John Steinbeck were born under the sign of Pisces.

Pisces Halloween Costume

Representatives of Neptune are active and restless, even if the question concerns passive rest. It happens that Pisces succumbs to pessimistic thoughts and neurasthenia. They can not be pulled out of the swamp of despair and anguish. The rest of the time the representatives of this sign are filled with living vital energy, which is taken from nowhere, they are optimistic and smiling.

For such an ambiguous and two-sided sign suit werewolf suit. Men can use shaggy clothes, they have slippers on their feet in the form of paws of a predatory animal, a mask with a wolf’s muzzle, a wig and pointed ears up on their faces. The tail can be made by yourself. On hands, it is preferable to put on gloves, attaching to the tips of fingers artificial claws, which to paint in yellowish or brown color.

The mummy suit is also fit. You can make it yourself — it is enough to purchase many bandages. On dark streets, a man wrapped in white rags will look very impressive and intimidating.

A female fish can create an image of a drowned woman. For a suit any old dress of gloomy shades will suit. In it, it is necessary to make holes, cut into places on the flaps to create the effect of old age and wear. Over the face will have to work hard. A lot of powder will leave the skin lifeless pale appearance. Blue lipstick will emphasize the origin of the undead.

The Pisces will like perfume with the aroma of pomegranate, grapefruit, lavender, with notes of myrtle, peony and cardamom, with a savory aftertaste of nutmeg and rosemary.

Halloween Gift for Pisces

People under the auspices of Neptune are not prone to gifts. But it’s rather difficult to please them. It will be easier to choose a gift related to the subject of their hobbies: hunting or fishing, embroidery or other needlework, addiction to cars or watching new movies. Audio CD with your favorite music, a set of hooks or weights for an inveterate angler, a mug or a memorable souvenir. In honor of the holiday for Halloween, the gift should be wrapped in a package with skulls, bones or pumpkins — Pisces will appreciate the design. A bracelet for a woman with pearls, aquamarine or amethyst will be a pleasant surprise. For men — cufflinks with moonstone, jasper or chrysolite.

This sign of the zodiac does not like sweets, preferring pies, pizza or waffles with caramel gravy. The special attitude of Pisces to spirits: expensive cognacs, liqueurs, rare wines in beautiful bottles is the best gift for both men and women.

To the surprises these people are wary. Before something is planned for the representatives of this sign, it is better to ask in advance about the plans for a specific day and preferences. Pisces will have fun in any company, but prefer to communicate alone with those who are interested in them.

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