Sagittarius Halloween

The ruling planet of this sign — Jupiter. He endows Sagittarius with strength of will and a thirst for power. Representatives of this zodiac sign are peaceful, kind, noble, intelligent and unselfish. They do not tolerate conflicts, so they always try to avoid such situations. All their lives these people are striving for self-improvement in order to earn universal respect and admiration. Sagittarius — responsible executives and executors.

A distinctive feature of this sign people is their inability to hide their true feelings and emotions. Sagittarius is not indifferent to money, but not to fanaticism. They have a good sense of humor. With special thoroughness and scrupulousness they approach the questions of appearance: they always follow their health, keep themselves in good athletic form, dress simply, but tastefully.

Jupiter’s wards are very religious. Halloween for Sagittarius — a holiday filled with a mystical atmosphere and spirits of the other world, to which these people cherish respect and awe. Representatives of this sign spend the holiday mainly on the street and in the company of friends, so as not to remain alone.

Beethoven, Winston Churchill, Dale Carnegie, Walt Disney, Bruce Lee, Steven Spielberg, Ozzy Osbourne, Tina Turner, Milla Jovovich, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera — all born under the auspices of Jupiter.

Sagittarius Halloween Costume

Sagittarius — interesting interlocutors, smiling and attentive listeners. Representatives of this sign is perfect for Halloween costume elf. For the image you can take the appearance of the elves people from the "Lord of the Rings".

Both men and women need to buy a wig with long, preferably platinum, hair. Long ears pointed to the top, boots with folded socks, bow and arrows are an obligatory attribute of this image, the suit is comfortable, but refined and beautiful, with embroidery. Sagittarius men can put on comfortable pants, and on top put on a coat or cloak of unusual shiny fabrics. For women, a long dress with a hem that will spread along the ground is also suitable. You can add powder or white make-up paint to give the face skin a pale shade of equanimity. A little blush will give the appearance of a special aura of unusual beauty.

For larger and full Sagittarius right fit the suit of the Cheshire Cat from the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland". A shaggy striped overall with purple and bright emerald stripes, a long tail and, of course, a mask with a smile from ear to ear. Such an image will stand out in the crowd, and Sagittarius will receive such a welcome for him.

Representatives of the fire element will like the smells of tropical fruits and anise. A perfume with the aroma of lavender, citrus notes, spicy depths of cloves and marjoram will complement the image.

Halloween Gift for Sagittarius

Representatives of this sign passionately love sweets and cakes. Especially they like porous chocolate. On Halloween, Sagittarius will prepare a wide variety of sweets bought in advance at the best confectionery store. Sweets with soft stuffing in bright wrappers, cookies, chocolates, biscuit cakes in individual packing, the most coveted sweetness will be a cake in the shape of a huge pumpkin.

Sagittarius love to travel and are well treated with surprises. Representatives of this sign can easily be carried away for a walk or a visit, promising a fun pastime and a cozy company. As an unexpected addition to this holiday, you can rent a car or a horse-drawn carriage so that Sagittarius feels special and exceptional. People of this sign with pleasure will take the kids in their carriage, they will laugh and rejoice together, riding the streets of the city.

In addition to the entertainment program, Jupiter’s wards will appreciate the statuette or casket of onyx, turquoise or opal.

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