Scorpio Halloween

Scorpio is under the auspices of two planets: Mars and Neptune. Thanks to this, the representatives of this sign have such a contradictory character. They are very temperamental, energetic, confident in their abilities, resolute and uncompromising. Their critical mindset allows them to trust only their own judgments.

Scorpios are great connoisseurs of human nature. People of this sign of the zodiac are prone to occultism and mysticism. Their eyes have a hypnotic power. People under the auspices of Mars and Neptune are afraid, their opinion is listened to by colleagues and acquaintances. Everything they know and advise is always checked by their own experience.

Stubborn and quick-tempered Scorpio does not recognize someone else’s opinion. He was not used to giving up under any circumstances. Hard-working and persistent this predator always achieves the set goals. People of this sign are good friends and true partners. There are two kinds of Scorpios: those who use their sting against a rival or enemy; and those that suffer from their own poison, without harming others.

Under the auspices of the warlike planet Mars, hardy, brave, ready-to-battle people are born. They do not know fatigue, are able to work whole days with short breaks for rest. Christopher Columbus, Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio, Demi Moore, Julia Roberts are the most vivid representatives of this not simple sign of the zodiac.

Scorpio Halloween Costume

On Halloween, Scorpio men will fit like the image of Azazello — a dark demon from Bulgakov’s novel Master and Margarita. One eye is blue, and another is a yellow, predatory grin, a chicken bone in the breast pocket, an old-fashioned suit, a black raincoat. The vampire costume will also fit. Necessarily white shirt with a lace collar, straight narrow black trousers, a jacket with a high collar-stand, a cane with a three-dimensional handle.

Scorpio woman on Halloween will prefer a vulgar red outfit: a magnificent dress of crimson or plum shade, ornaments made of red gold, a mantle or a raincoat, a voluminous hairstyle, heels with heels. This lady likes to be in sight, pay attention to yourself. Women of this sign shine with their talents, whatever they are: strong voice, sharp mind, manner of dressing. They are not at all embarrassed that they are shown with a finger. They know that only outstanding personalities are discussing.

People of this sign prefer a rich flavor with bright citrus notes at the beginning and a spicy aftertaste at the end. Perfume for them is a way of self-expression. Eau de toilette or perfume is never a random choice, it is always the result of careful work to create a unique image.

Halloween Gift for Scorpio

Scorpions are incredible sweet tooth. As a gift, they will gladly accept a box of chocolates, especially if it is with an alcohol-containing filling. Cakes, cakes, sweets, chocolate — any sweets will be absorbed with pleasure. Often they do not know the measures when they sit down at the table, so they have to remind themselves that it’s time to stop and do business. Very enterprising and practical people.

Scorpio men will appreciate a bottle of quality and expensive cognac or whiskey. They do not tend to frequent purchases of clothes and shoes, but what they have is always of high quality. The watch will be an excellent way to please the ward of Mars.

Scorpio women in this regard have a different opinion — they like to buy clothes and shoes, which they have especially many: shoes of the most incredible shades, shoes, boots. They will not give up another pair of shoes, which they will present as a presentation. Jewelry with malachite, jasper, amethyst, opal will be an excellent gift option.

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