Taurus Halloween

People born under the Taurus sign of are kind, sympathetic, inclined to seek friendly ties in relationships with each person, very smiling and vulnerable, sensitive, with an innate inclination to everything beautiful. This sign loves and appreciates comfort very much. Venus protects the Taurus, giving them an attractive appearance and a good sense of humor. People of this sign gravitate to luxury.

Taurus differ in a developed sense of responsibility, they can always be relied upon. They work hard and often, often reach high positions in society. Halloween for this sign is a long-awaited and pleasant holiday. There is an abundance of opportunities for jokes, an excuse to meet friends and spend an evening in a cozy company for a cup of tea or other drinks.

Actors: Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, George Clooney, Jet Li — all of them born under the sign of Taurus. Shakespeare, Bulgakov, Tchaikovsky, Leonardo Da Vinci — are also representatives of this multi-faceted sign of the zodiac.

Taurus Halloween Costume

People of this sign prefer clothes of high quality and stylish, from fashionable expensive shops. They are more suitable for gentle pastel shades: pink, coral, tender blue, pale yellow, pale green. Women under the tutelage of Venus prefer a minimal number of ornaments, but those who wear it, invariably expensive and beautiful specimens. Earrings with inlaid sapphires and diamonds. Silver chains with exquisite pendants. Men generally try to do without additional accessories.

For men born under the sign of Taurus, suit a king or emperor with all the attributes: crown, raincoat or mantle, boots. The role of zombies, Dracula, classical cast, vampire or werewolf is also acceptable and desirable for male representatives of this sign. The more terrible the better. Taurus will like the strong expression of the emotions of other people at the sight of such a costume.

Women of this sign will prefer to dress up as an Indian beauty; silk pants, bracelets on the wrists, an abundance of ringing metal objects — for the holiday is quite acceptable. Especially since copper is a metal of people born under the sign of Taurus. Ladies with pleasure walk around the houses of neighbors, friends and strangers in the costumes of a witch or a mermaid. This appearance is easy to create, using old bedspreads or sheets, in the image there must be a mask and a wig. Quality make-up is also good. On the witch, the black hat will look spectacular. Broom in the hands, as an attribute, will make a proper impression. To create the authentic image of a mermaid, you need a wig with long colored hair and a dress whose material resembles a fish scales. Halloween will be friendly and fun, because, Taurus’s laughter is contagious.

Perfume for the representatives of this sign should contain sweet notes of flowers, freshness of bergamot, piquancy of cinnamon, sourness of vanilla. Taurus likes to leave behind a stubborn train of spirits or toilet water, so that after they leave, others remember their recent presence.

Halloween Gift for Taurus

With this sign of the zodiac you can give vent to your imagination when preparing a surprise. Both men and women will appreciate any joke. If a company of ghosts, dragons, ghouls, mummies, water-lovers, wood-sweeps enters the house of Taurus without invitation, then the owner will only be happy with such a company.

Representatives of this sign are happy with any gifts. First of all, they evaluate the gift they are given as a token of attention. Any wrapping and wrapping will be impatiently torn. The craving for luxury Taurus will not allow them to remain indifferent to jewelry, perfume, cute figurines, paintings, collectible wines.

On Halloween of all sweets, Taurus women prefer souffle, marshmallows, pastilles or chocolate sweets with marmalade filling. Representatives of the weaker sex quite smoothly and calmly refer to all the sweets: cakes, cakes, cookies and biscuits. They prefer to admire them more than works of art. Their gastronomic predilections are often limited to the usual food, but they are not averse to trying new tastes.

Taurus men are a big sweet tooth. But they prefer biscuits, glazed cakes, pies with rich stuffing and pizza.

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