Virgo Halloween

Each Virgo possesses a tenacious and astute mind, is distinguished by ambition and zeal. Representatives of this sign — the idealists, with maniacal filthiness relate to the order. They always bring the business to the end. And even where the majority retreats, the Virgo continues to work, and ultimately achieves high results.

These people are scrupulous about the money that they always have. Often already to thirty or forty years the Virgo possesses the solid capital and can afford to not work at all. They are very skeptical about intuition and luck, preferring to do everything with their own mind, which constantly feeds on new knowledge.

Virgo is often called burning ice. They are not characterized by an open manifestation of feelings and emotions. They prefer to prove by their deeds what others just talk about. To any new achievement they come from a material point of view. These people respect all the supernatural and love to participate in the celebration of Halloween.

Herbert Wells, Theodore Dreiser, Sean Connery, Stephen King, Richard Gere, Keanu Reeves, Salma Hayek, Cameron Diaz are famous writers and actors who are born with this sign.

Virgo Halloween Costume

Virgos are not too fond of dressing up. On Halloween people of this sign will prefer to observe the course of the holiday from the side. Of course, they will attend the party, be cheerful and cheerful, will not disappoint anyone, they are attentive to others. Men will certainly make a compliment to the lady present about their costumes, women will appreciate the outfits of girlfriends. But the Virgo will come to the feast in the same clothes, which usually go to work.

Representatives of this sign are attentive to their appearance, especially, oddly enough, men. Always fresh and bouncy young people, in a clean shirt, ironed trousers, polished shoes, with hair stitched and a train of pleasant fragrance. Virgo is a great pedant in terms of appearance and the surrounding environment.

Finding a costume for Halloween for Virgo is always a difficult task. They will not paint their face or wear a ridiculous suit. For the men of this sign, the look of Jack-Pumpkin is suitable. It is enough to throw a dark cloak on which a bright orange vegetable will be painted. Any attributes too will fit — these are the victims, on which the Virgo is ready to go for the sake of everyone’s pleasure. For a man, a sword, a mysterious mask that can be easily removed at any time, gloves, is suitable.

For the woman of this sign, the face of Alice from the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland" is suitable. A lavish dress and a wig with long white curly hair. A stock of bottles with an elixir to reduce growth and buns to increase. Virgo people do not like to stand out especially, so they will come up with a restrained fragrance of perfume with notes of juniper and tea tree. Cold pleasant smells.

Halloween Gift for Virgo

Despite its modesty, representatives of this sign are very fond of receiving gifts. The content of the gift wrapping should have practical application. If you know for sure what kind of toilet water the representative of this sign uses, then such a gift will be very helpful. Any gifts and surprises related to the theme of a hobby or a strong passion of the Virgo, will be received favorably and with obvious joy. A smile on the face of these people is extremely rare.

Virgo loves sweet selflessly. They are ready to absorb the cake piece by piece, biscuit cakes with jam, soft biscuits. But representatives of this sign are very selective to sweets — no nuts in the filling should not be contained, otherwise they will get stuck in the teeth, which will cause discomfort and displeasure of the Virgo. Sweets should lie neatly on a beautiful plate or be individually packaged. No crumbs should not remain.

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