Love Horoscope: Aquarius

The love relationship of Aquarius is like a rainbow — amazing, mysterious, but unpredictable, fragile and fleeting. In the sky, a rare phenomenon will delight you with many shades, except for one — the fiery color of passion, unknown to the impassive Aquarius. It is naive to wait for a rainbow after every rain — it will shine unexpectedly, and mischievous rays, refracting, will brighten the sky with bright colors. And no matter how I would not like to keep her, she will scatter without leaving a trace. Representatives of this zodiac sign are so freedom-loving that to belong to one person is unthinkable for them, as if to abandon the sun. They like to solve others, but having revealed all the secrets, they rush for new discoveries. They can get carried away with anything: science, politics, sports. But to amorous affairs and marriage, show the least interest. To truly love and live a lifetime can only be with someone who is able to always remain a mystery, and on a cloudy day, surprise by painting a unique rainbow.

Under the auspices of Uranus, Aquarius live by its own rules in the future — with a magical apprehension of future events and strive to change the world for the better. They seek excellence in everything, so they quickly become disillusioned with imperfect partners. Aquariuses belong to everyone and nobody — they love the whole world, but consider themselves special. Thanks to an amazing gift to feel people, they easily make acquaintances and connections. Even enemies are defeated, making them friends. They like to communicate more than to make love. Therefore, in a relationship they are looking for a like-minded person and an intellectual interlocutor. Always ready to help, but rarely attached to someone and let close. They like to surprise — it’s very interesting with them, but you should be prepared for any unexpected events. The love horoscope for Aquarius will help you find the perfect companion for an exciting future.

Aquarius Man Love Horoscope

The Aquarius man is a genius who feels as if he has fallen into the past. He intuitively feels that the world is not what it should be and is trying to change it. His will to change, the wealth of ideas make him explore everything, invent in order to convey his knowledge. A curious dreamer shows interest in all spheres of life, but not marital bonds — he is afraid of them like fire. However, the Aquarius man in relationships is open, as well as new knowledge. Seeks adventure and appreciates every moment of life. The fair sex does not leave him indifferent, attracting attention like all the unknown. A woman is often mistaken in believing that the brave deeds of such a man hide true feelings. The desire to solve an interesting woman captivates him as well as a scientific discovery. To get what he wants, he is ready to do anything, using the tricks of the masters of seduction. Thanks to perseverance, the Aquarius man achieves his goals, despite thousands of failures. By quenching curiosity, it will show indifference. He does not tolerate dramas, preferring an open relationship, with notes of romance and intrigue. Such connections are shallow and short. Ambition and a desire to achieve a lot, make you rush forward: after all, life is so short as to devote it to one woman.

Despite the fact that the Aquarius man considers himself the most perfect representative of the human race, he can not be called insensitive. It is difficult for him to realize and accept his emotions — it is easier to suppress. As a result, he often falls into a depressed state — life is painted only in shades of gray. But, he is an ordinary person and able to love. As a representative of the air element gives the greatest preference to the spiritual sphere. Therefore, all his victories in love affairs do not bring true satisfaction. The horoscope advises Aquarius to accept the simple truth that his partner is also endowed with feelings, which should be treated with understanding. If he takes up courage to develop a real relationship, instead of replenishing the collection of conquered fans, he will realize his great ideas much more effectively. Life will gain a rich palette of bright colors — he can be as happy as he decides.

A woman who wants to create a relationship with him should think twice about whether she can cope with such a difficult task. The Aquarius man needs to be constantly intrigued, surprised and admired. A mysterious woman, whose cards are pressed to her chest, as well as pearls of character, will excite his interest. Over time, this can develop into a real earthly feeling. The Aquarius man is peculiar in love — he can show indifference and hide his feelings for a long time. He needs time to admit to himself that he is passionate about the one that he considered just a friend. Having let in love, he is able to prove himself as an attentive and caring lover. The ideal companion for a man of Aquarius is, first and foremost, a faithful and devoted friend. You can talk with her about earthly and universal problems, and about love. It does not require endless passion, does not suit jealousy over trifles. Aquarius does not change her beloved, and he is not jealous. However, any accusations and a desire to deprive him of his freedom will cause a stormy game of imagination — he will utter any tales in order to preserve personal space. Relations will be happy if the chosen one fills her life with creativity, career. And after a difficult day, at dinner, he will entertain his beloved with fascinating conversations: “You can’t imagine where you were …”, “You will never guess how …”. The Aquarius man, inspired by his beloved woman, can achieve outstanding success, social standing and wealth.

Aquarius Woman Love Horoscope

The Aquarius woman is an exceptionally vibrant nature, intriguing and attracting the interest of others. Do not be surprised — being under the auspices of Uranus, who was the god of the gods, she feels herself a goddess. Belonging to the divine family endows her with carefree and self-confident behavior - worldly cares evoke only boredom. But Saturn, the second patron, returns it to the earth, recalling the restrictions that prevent it from flying up too high. She is a representative of the most creative sign and much is given to her easily, especially to interest representatives of the opposite sex. In any field, he will find a non-standard approach and see what others are not even able to notice. In relationships, the Aquarius woman is just as inventive and unpredictable. Her partner will never be able to predict the moment of a breakdown — on the most seemingly beautiful romantic evening she will inform about the end, without any hope of an appeal in an attempt to keep her. Rarely gives in to temptations, chooses only worthy partners. He does not seek power, but he seeks respect and respect, surrounding himself with people who force them to rise higher, avoiding those who pull them down.

As the representative of the most intriguing sign, the Aquarius woman is so unique that she does not fit into any standards. By nature, has a mysterious, mystical beauty, which does not leave men indifferent. Easily changes images and styles, from conservative to shocking. By nature, incredibly inquisitive, intelligent and good-natured. But Aquarius has a weak spot: externally it differs from itself inwardly. Confidence, charm can hide the fear of intimacy and be rejected. Uranus makes her changeable, eccentric. Saturn leads her to safety, measured. The Aquarius woman in relationships always defends her independence. It’s difficult for her to give up freedom, and often behind emotional coldness is a fear of openly expressing her feelings leading to addiction. Even in the bedroom, she may not show her emotions, leaving them inaccessible. The horoscope advises the representative of this sign to step over an imaginary fear, which makes it necessary to avoid intimacy and deep feelings that can enrich her life and open up an incredibly beautiful world. She will become stronger by accepting herself and her conviction, despite any resistance.

A man who decides to seek her location should understand that the path to her mysterious heart lies through a friendly and spiritual connection. She does not tolerate jealousy, criticism, stinginess and aggression. The Aquarius woman is paradoxical in love, as in life. If she is given freedom, she will be infinitely faithful, but with any attempts to limit her, she will disappear like a moth. No matter how insensitive she may seem, a hot, emotional partner can make her fall in love with herself, and she will answer him with love. She can become loving and tender, but she will never give up her interests. After listening to all the advice, agree with the man, but act in his own way. The role of a housewife is unthinkable for her, she has many hobbies and friends. The Aquarius woman is simply the perfect companion of a brilliant scientist or charismatic politician. Her communication skills, wit and restraint make her perfect in secular society. Moreover, not jealous, not suspicious — she studied her partner before she even got close to him. A man must not forget that she is a woman of the future, and all his secrets will be known to her sooner than he himself will think about them. Aquarius woman can become a wonderful mother who will teach children to be patient, truthful and love humanity.

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