Love Horoscope: Cancer

Cancer individuals are known for their sentimental and emotional nature. Cancer thinks from heart and often makes decisions based on intuition and feelings, rather than plain logic. Cancer individuals also have very strong sense of attachment to something or someone that they hold dear.

These are one of the most loving people. Family and friends are generally of extreme importance to a person under this zodiac, and being accepted and loved by them is a top priority. In fact Cancers do not like to be alone, but always want to have someone by their side who can show them love and affection. Many Cancerians eventually wish to have a family and create their own cozy home, where they can feel warm, comfortable and secure.

Once a Cancerian loves someone, he will do anything for that person and will not even expect much in return, except for love and loyalty. Cancerians are usually naturally good parents. On the bad side, the Crab can get very clingy and moody. At times these individuals can let emotions take over and drive them into depression.

Cancerians usually have few but very good friends, that is not to say that they are not sociable, but it is just that they prefer quality to quantity. These people are also rarely very materialistic and rather value the spiritual gains, like family and friends, with comparison to money and fame.

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