Love Horoscope: Capricorn

Capricorn’s love relationship reflects a serious mountain character. Behind cold, harsh rocks, wise snowy gray hair, the volcano of passion and an irrepressible waterfall of emotions restrain itself. Representatives of the elements of the earth are like magnificent giants — they only fascinate and attract to the exploits of those whose soul is of the same height as them. Among the snowy ridges, as a gift to the chosen one for fidelity, a surprisingly tender edelweiss will open — the personification of true love. Not everyone will bravely follow the demanding Capricorn in anticipation of a Mendelssohn waltz. But those who succeed will be able to understand how high and deep feelings are. After all, only with Capricorn can you go on a honeymoon after a silver wedding, because his love is forever, and over the years it blooms only brighter. A love horoscope will help a representative of this sign find a worthy partner who will go after them to touch the stars and hug the dawn.

Under the auspices of Saturn, Capricorns are restrained from passionate love affairs, showing self-control and seriousness. Their goals are not aimed at winning hearts, but at respect, high position in society, prosperity. It is important for them to maintain a piece of pristine purity, adhering to traditional values. It is difficult for wards of a disciplined Saturn to make changes in the familiar picture of their own world. Relations with the opposite sex are created with caution, leaving the right to think before making an important decision. Avoiding fleeting intrigues, unnecessary connections, they do not waste passion, love and tenderness. To one day give the whole avalanche of feelings to the ideal partner.

Capricorn Man Love Horoscope

Capricorn man is a bold but cautious climber. Ponders each step, slowly rising to the top. Young Capricorn’s love of the mountains comes first. It can be eight-thousanders, like Elbrus, Chogori, or mountains of glory, wealth — the main thing is to overcome them. Touching the sky, admiring the world from above, he feels greatness and pride — after all, only the mountains submit to the strong. Possessing calm, perseverance in ambitious aspirations, Capricorn from afar watches the raging life. Moving towards the desired goal, he does not look around at the stars and earthly passions. The fair sex can rekindle a spark of passion in him, but not for long. Saturn returns him to restraint, consistency, serious intentions. As the keeper of integrity, he gave the Capricorn a piece of pristine purity and a sense of alienation. Therefore, the representative of this zodiac sign is so much subject to fluctuations between cold restraint and unbridled passion that it is replaced by indifference. However, if a Capricorn man meets a woman of dreams, he will be able to hear his heart and find harmony, balancing passion and restraint.

Some men of this sign have to struggle with a penchant for extremes, driving an indefatigable individuality into the public framework. In romantic impulses they will surprise with sensual poetry and sophisticated painting, but remain rational and serious. Capricorn man in a relationship does not allow frivolity. He likes to plan everything and be the main thing — the initiative should come from him. Appreciates directness, not scattering empty promises. He does not need compliments, but patiently expects his merits and achievements to be appreciated. The brave conqueror of the obstinate Capricorn should take his beliefs seriously. No matter how the world changes the concept of the ideal woman, he will be true to his views. For the relationship to go into a happy joint life, she needs to show femininity, gentleness, tenderness, pliability. It will not work to seduce a Capricorn man with extravagant erotic outfits and catchy makeup. So you can only irrevocably push him away. And culinary masterpieces, brilliant knowledge of poetry, modesty and good manners will make an unforgettable impression. Talking about famous great-grandfathers or about the importance of his work will bring him real pleasure. In addition, the chosen one needs to charm his parents — Capricorn respects their opinion.

The ideal wife for the Capricorn man is a devoted, patient, loving, passionate lover. And of course, a skilled housewife and caring mother. In addition, she will pleasantly appear in society with her — she knows how to conduct a conversation, is intelligent, elegant. And whether it meets the standards of beauty is not so important. Marriage for Capricorn is the most crucial step in life, requiring a lot of thought, psychological and financial readiness. He believes that the husband is obliged to support his family. The ideal companion can choose for a long time and judiciously. Capricorn man in love seems unattainable, but a wise loving woman will find a way to his heart. The horoscope of love advises to teach him to show feelings, surrounding unconditional love. Having thrown off the severity, he will appear as a tender and ardent spouse. Even after many years of living together, he will surprise his beloved with passion and romance. When her married coevals bask under the rug, bored with the grayness of married life, she and her Capricorn will walk under the moon, meet sunrises on the roof and travel around Venice. Over the years, he is getting younger in his soul and wants to make up for the lost joys of life, into which he dives like a boy. This may cast doubt on his infidelity. There is no need to worry about this. With what reverence he treats the family, no other sign is capable — family ties are sacred to him. But, do not be surprised that even after a long life together, words about love can be heard only once. It is enough for him to show material care, attention. Capricorn man loves and appreciates his beloved all his life, and it does not matter how many wrinkles are added to her face. Once said in my life, “I love you”, for him they mean “I love you forever”.

Capricorn Woman Love Horoscope

The Capricorn woman is like a late flower that ripens slowly and blooms the longest. First, the bud slowly fills with life, and then carefully spreads the delicate petals. Suddenly, amazing beauty is revealed, not subject to time and snow. However, it is not easy for her to live under the leadership of Saturn, requiring rigor, consistency, discipline. The Capricorn woman is endowed with restraint, prudence and intelligence. Thanks to self-mastery, sophisticated manners and elegance, it is impossible to guess her social status. It seems to come from a noble family. The Capricorn woman values time, and all aspects of life skillfully rank in the right order. It is important for her to achieve recognition, and the path to it is an issue to be resolved. Nevertheless, no success in her career will bring her such satisfaction as successful marriage. Capricorn is simply created in order to become the companion of a successful charismatic man. She is ready to wait long for her ideal, and will slowly strive for the desired goal. She feels every centimeter of the path, she will be confident in her every step. And once in her hands will be everything that she wanted in life.

Some women of this sign seem defenseless, and even timid. In their flirting there is a straightforward innocence, but there will be no empty promises. Others stay cold, attracting rebellion and obstinacy. But they never surrender to fleeting hobbies. The Capricorn woman in a relationship has kept a distance for a long time. Thinking through each step, she evaluates how the partner matches her ideal. As soon as he understands that in front of her is precisely the one who will achieve great heights and elevate her to the podium — will become the embodiment of femininity and tenderness. A man who wants to overcome all obstacles on the way to her tender heart should be sympathetic to her melancholy. Thanks to endurance, it seems that she is always in a good mood. But the Capricorn woman is prone to pessimism and sullenness. She has to make an effort to resist her weaknesses. The chosen one should help to have more joy in her life than despondency. She does not tolerate criticism, inappropriate jokes, especially about the family, and does not forgive deception. She loves praise if she justly deserves it, but does not approve of hypocrisy.

Capricorn’s woman has a special elusive charm, and the ability to charm not only a man, but also to win over all his relatives. She can become an excellent wife and mistress. And it’s amazing how she always manages everything. Even the house looks so clean and comfortable, as if it was hosted not by a woman, but by fairies. The horoscope of love warns: the character of the partner of the Capricorn woman should be stronger than hers. A man must protect her from life’s storms and anxieties. She feels confidence in a strong relationship based on close communication, responsibility and mutual respect. He must take care and love her not only as a faithful wife and mistress, but also for a strong mind. Moreover, be passionate, and have an extraordinary intellect. Despite the fact that she is romantic, loves classics and poetry, has her own opinion about true feelings. For her, romance is together pursuing a lofty goal, overcoming obstacles for the sake of love, and not a beggarly romanticism without a penny in her pocket. Capricorn should be proud of her husband, who will not only take care of her, but also become a worthy father for children. The Capricorn woman is demanding in love, but she is afraid to fall in love — a sensitive and sentimental nature is hidden under equanimity. Gradually approaching a man, she gains courage. As soon as he is confident in the feelings of a man, he will feel inner peace. And in response he will give love that above the rocks and passion that will melt the snowy Alps.

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