Love Horoscope: Gemini

Gemini individuals are famous for their playfulness, intellect and flexibility. They are always open to new experiences, and in fact get bored if no such experiences are found. Gemini person is very fast to try new ideas, however after a short while even those ideas get old, and a typical Gemini person will soon start looking for something new again. Meeting new people, going new places and trying different lifestyles is what really gets Twins going. However this whole need for constant change means a lot of inconsistency, and that is in fact one of the biggest flaws of a Gemini.

To many Gemini life is just like a game, and they do not want to make it too complicated, that is why many people under this zodiac will usually just touch the surface of a subject, and never want to complicate their life by going into details, be it in relationship, study or work.

Gemini individuals are usually smart and often possess very strong analytical skills. This makes them good learners and debaters. Many of these individuals are socialites and very good communicators. They often also have good sense of humor and are rather charming. Their energetic and talkative nature gets them many friends and quite a bit of adventure.

It may be hard for Gemini to live a stable predictable life, because stability is really not their thing. Just like a child, they are easily distracted by new fascinating possibilities and are the type of people who would want to try everything but only once (well maybe twice, but that’s tops).

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