Love Horoscope: Libra

Natural aesthetes, Libra perceive love as a separate art form, the most beautiful and comprehensive way to transform your life, your partner and the world around you as a whole. Libra’s love is multifaceted and frameless: it is a light pleasant breeze of romance and tenderness, which in a few seconds can turn into an indomitable whirlwind of temptation and passion. Despite the fact that the emotional Libra is considered emotionally the deepest of the zodiac’s air signs, their love horoscope clearly shows that they give the most preference in relationships to the period of love as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. They are amorous and charming, in amorous affairs they are principled and unstable at the same time. Libra loves flirting and, even being happy in their current relationship, they rarely miss the opportunity to talk heart-to-heart with members of the opposite sex. This is a feature that does not indicate frivolity, but gives a complete picture of the true energy sources of Libra.

Representatives of this sign need to know that they are needed, loved and desired. But it would be wrong to say that they are ready for absolutely everything for the sake of love. Libra is somewhat infantile, which justifies their inherent egoism, sometimes clearly manifested in a relationship. They wish to unite their fate not anyhow with anyone, but with an assertive and practical person. Here there is the influence of the patron planet of Venus, which awakens in its wards the desire for harmony with itself and the world around it (which, if a partner with the above qualities were chosen, would compensate for the aggravating indecision of Libra itself at times), as well as a decent material prosperity, if not to say luxury. Moreover, in the love horoscope for Libra, it means that money for them is not an end in itself, but an auxiliary element that allows you to fill life with beauty, without which love is unthinkable. In the maelstrom of true feelings, the wards of Venus rush into a whirlpool with their heads, are able to open up before the second half, from whom they demand the same, but never become a read book. Libras are caring, attentive, in a truly serious relationship, they are quite ready to go all the way, because the possibility of creating a family does not scare them at all. They consider the idea of living their whole lives with one person, sharing with them all the joys and difficulties, incredibly attractive and insanely romantic.

Libra Man Love Horoscope

Such a man is accustomed to achieve everything in life — including personal, focusing on the most valuable qualities that the elements of Air endow with his wards — charm, gift of persuasion, outstanding ability to diplomacy and desire for balance. The representative of the stronger sex, born under the constellation Libra, as a rule, is not difficult to get the girl that he like, but, not prone to falling in love at first sight, he will not always make efforts to keep her. In search of the one, the only one, he does not neglect fleeting ties, so many representatives of the sign that are not yet connected by family ties are known as Lovelace, who know a lot about the seduction of ladies. The love horoscope of the Libra man determines this not by natural frivolity, but by the habit of relying on your feelings: to understand whether it is his fate or not, he is able to quickly, but for this he needs to come into close contact with a potential partner.

Having met, finally, true love, a man of this sign can for a long time postpone the moment of transition to truly decisive action. The habit of long weighing the pros and cons, often helping him out in the process of analytical work, often plays against him on the love front. To make a well-aimed throw without carefully miscalculating its trajectory would mean a concrete violation of internal balance, which the Libra man gravitating to balance cannot allow even to impress his beloved. That is why he relies on the inexhaustible reserve of patience of his chosen one on the one hand, and her tendency to languish in a sweet expectation — on the other. Indeed, a person born under this sign always relies on romance, preferring to win the lady’s heart not so much by demonstrating his typically masculine qualities — which, it is worth noting, is also not deprived — of interesting surprises, gifts and, of course, an amazing ability to guess her mood and hidden desires.

Libra man is eloquent, sociable in relations, and, like any representative of the Air, seeks to interact with impressive information flows, so heart-to-heart conversations are very important for him. His companion, as a rule, is erudite and able to support any topic, because a man born under this constellation loves not only his eyes, but also his ears. He is not alien to manifestations of passion, but he does not tolerate regular flashes and rumble on the love front: violent quarrels, uniform scandals, like any excesses in manifestations of emotions, repel him, he seeks silence, peace, harmony and, accordingly, one that could provide him all this. But in no case should calmness be confused with monotony: his versatile and unpredictable love excludes routine, as well as immersion in the abyss of everyday life. The man of Libra never tires of surprising her companion and expects the same from her. From day to day he needs to see at least a drop of novelty: in joint leisure, conversation, food, interior or the image of his beloved.

Libra Woman Love Horoscope

The ward of Venus is the very personification of sophistication, tenderness and femininity, so it is not surprising that her love is, above all, beautiful. Of great importance to her is the facade, an attractive (but not necessarily motley and screaming) wrapper in which she and her partner will clothe their feelings. For all her insight, it is not enough for her to simply feel the love of the chosen one, she must see and hear her, which is why refined compliments, beautiful gifts, and other signs of attention, emphasizing her importance for her beloved, are so important to her. The question whether she agrees to give such things in return from her female side does not have a clear answer. According to the love horoscope of a woman-Libra, she with pleasure creates the atmosphere in a relationship herself, but it cannot be said that during her creation, the one born under this constellation fully takes into account the tastes and needs of the partner. Like the goddess Venus, she is primarily focused on herself, and therefore for some Libra women, love periodically becomes a one-goal game.

Nevertheless, when her feelings are sincere, she does not neglect the wishes of the chosen one, because balance for Libra of any gender is the basis of a cloudless existence. Among the abundance of options, she chooses the most decisive, purposeful and dynamic companion, with whom this activist will never be bored, and who can provide her with a beautiful and comfortable life. It is noteworthy that in these aspirations there is no hint of mercantile spirit. Money for a woman of this sign is vulgar matter, talk about which, and even more obsessed with her, has no place in light and airy love. They are just a means by which you can acquire something from which you can get aesthetic pleasure.

Being open and sociable, a woman-Libra in a relationship remains an alluring mystery and is looking for someone who would excite her vivid imagination no less. In love, in her opinion, there is no place for predictability and meek resignation. Love is passion and tender romance at the same time, within the framework of which the chosen one must not only conquer it each time, but also interest him. A man for a Libra woman should be akin to the magic mirror from a fairy tale, which confirms day after day that she is beautiful, no doubt. But a person who will give her what she wants this very second, and all the more weakly obey her whims, will quickly turn her away. Light and cheerful, she can become picky and strong-willed in an instant if she ceases to feel the strength of her man — such is the law of balance. She is feminine and sensual, therefore, someone who knows how to solve problems must be nearby. The Libra woman will inspire him to find solutions and support him in every way, that is, to invest energy in the very essence of life — love.

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