Aries Monthly Love Horoscope

You can’t wait to get to know someone better while your strong leader Mars is in fiery Sagittarius early this month. Like, you literally can’t wait! Things move quickly at this early stage of dating, so you’ll probably be texting each other nonstop and making all kinds of plans for the future. Keep an open mind and go for it, Aries!

Your suspicions are raised during the Mars-Neptune square on January 11, and your imagination could really run away with you if you let it. Feeling like maybe your BFF is texting your crush behind your back or that two co-workers are conspiring against you to sabotage your love life are just some of the negative scenarios you might come up with now.

The sun leaves practical Capricorn for air sign Aquarius on the nineteenth, however, at which point you are able to forget about those conspiracy theories and look toward the future with a much more open and logical perspective. For the next month, you see more possibilities than roadblocks in your love life, which is a welcome change.

Passionate Mars exits Sagittarius and partners with steady Capricorn on January 24, giving you the drive and ambition to conquer whatever’s in your way. When that’s paired with your highly competitive nature, your romantic rivals don’t stand a chance.

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