Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope

You’ve come out of your shell lately, Cancer, which is admirable, and—we’re not gonna lie—it might have led to some pretty great romantic encounters! But as ambitious Saturn in social Aquarius turns retrograde on June 4, retreating back into your shell to examine what’s happened lately isn’t a bad idea. Keep the dates you have scheduled, but don’t RSVP yes to any more parties for a while.

Your gentle, comfort-loving sign starts hosting the sun when it leaves fickle Gemini on the twenty-first, which gives you the chance to start looking at love in the long term. Do you have someone in your life you can picture by your side in the future? Do you get that warm, fuzzy feeling when you see your crush? Relying on instincts will lead you to your future life partner during this domestic transit.

And as your emotional ruler moon becomes new in your loving, nurturing sign on June 28, your desire to be needed will become very real. Giving more than you get is a trademark of this lunation, but don’t let yourself be taken advantage of. If you do the pampering or caring now, expect that treatment in return at some point in the future.

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