Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope

Your thoughts are on your early family life as pensive Mercury passes through your fourth house starting on August 3, and you might be yearning for a relationship like your parents, grandparents or a favorite aunt or uncle had. And if you didn’t have any good role models, think carefully about the kind of relationship you want to have and how it could affect your younger relatives.

On the eleventh, cheerful Leo starts hosting loving Venus, so you’ll be looking for someone who lights up the room when they enter it. Your perfect match now is a fiery Aries or airy Libra who you’re attracted to physically and also matches your intelligence level.

A new moon arrives in practical earth sign Virgo on August 27, giving you a realistic, very detailed outlook on your love life and why it’s at the point it currently is. If you’re happy where you are, Gemini, you can look forward to whatever’s next. But if you feel like you’ve made some mistakes, this is a good time to analyze them and make adjustments so you can be happier in the future.

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