Leo Monthly Love Horoscope

The weather is warm, and July begins with your ruler rooted in Cancer’s welcoming house. You love to entertain now, and you live for getting compliments about your excellent hosting skills. Don’t be surprised if you meet your next lover at one of your epic summer soirees!

You’re happier and a lot more outgoing when talkative Mercury exits shy Cancer and starts soaking up your dramatic vibes on July 19, and for the rest of the month you’re expressive, charming and funny. You attract a lot of admirers with your fun-loving personality now, but there’s only one person you really want to impress. Tell them how you feel, Leo. Be daring.

A new moon arrives in your fiery, enthusiastic sign on the twenty-eighth, reminding you that you deserve the very best. Put your romantic wishes out into the Universe during this daring lunation and see what comes back to you. Your soul mate is out there somewhere, waiting for you to manifest them into your life.

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