Libra Monthly Love Horoscope

With luxurious Taurus energy influencing the vibe of your ruler Venus early this month, you want to be spoiled and pampered, or you want to spoil and pamper someone else! There’s a lot of money being thrown around now, and you’re honestly good with being on the giving and/or receiving end.

Chatty Mercury goes direct while in traditional Taurus on the third and then moves into talkative Gemini on the thirteenth, giving you lots of interesting things to talk about. Breaking the ice with a hot stranger in an elevator or DMing your crush is a piece of cake now.

With the full Sagittarius moon on June 14 comes a desire to take risks and reach beyond your usual boundaries, which can be both thrilling and a little scary. You learn the most when you’re willing to expand your mind, Libra, but you might have a hard time going to some of the extremes that this lunation offers you.

On the twentieth, an upbeat Mercury-Jupiter sextile shows you that stepping out on a limb won’t end in tragedy as you suspect (with the branch breaking, sending you crashing on the ground). Go ahead and send that text or DM. The Universe has your back regarding all communication efforts now.

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