Sagittarius Monthly Love Horoscope

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With asteroid Juno going direct in your outgoing sign on August 2, you aren’t about to keep quiet about your opinions or desires. What you want isn’t the only thing that matters, but you feel like you’ve been quiet about it for too long.

The new moon in fellow fire sign Leo on the eighth brings back some of the passion you’ve been missing and gives you permission to just have a good time. Why is everyone so serious all the time? You see dating now as a way to laugh and get to know someone a little better. Having dinner with them isn’t a lifetime commitment!

When the sun leaves serious Virgo and partners with air sign Libra on August 22, a more easygoing vibe is welcomed. When planning a date with someone you’ve never met, agree to meet somewhere neither one of you has been. It’s only fair that neither of you has an advantage.

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