Sagittarius Monthly Love Horoscope

Can you feel that, Sagittarius? As loving Venus continues soaking up the influence of your house of growth and regeneration early this month, you have a real urge to change. Not little things like your hair or clothes, but big ones like your location or mindset. Hitting the reset button gives your love life the boost it needs to thrive.

On the eleventh, Venus moves into your house of adventure and expansion, so you’ll be looking for people to explore the world with. Staying stagnant (physically, mentally, emotionally) is the worst thing you can think of, so choose someone to spend time with who can help you move to the next level in life.

You’ll be a little more critical than usual as the sun moves out of sunny Leo and into detail-oriented Virgo on August 22, but is that so bad? You know what you do and don’t like, and if someone’s flaws are too much for you, it’s better to find out about them right away.

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