Scorpio Monthly Love Horoscope

Ready for a fresh start? As 2022 begins, your aggressive co-leader Mars is paired with exciting Sagittarius, ensuring that your love life will be sizzling hot. Although you prefer to be emotionally invested in someone before you get physical, if you’re going to make an exception, it’s going to be during this transit!

Penetrating Pluto, your other leader, conjoins the sun in serious, but shy, Capricorn on January 16, causing you to take a step back from pursuing someone you really like. You’ll be in your head a lot during this aspect, which gives you time to think about your next move. Love is like a game of chess now, so it helps to think about your long-term strategy.

Mars exits adventurous Sagittarius for career-oriented Capricorn on the twenty-fourth, so the chemistry you’ve been feeling with someone you work with might get dialed back a bit. It’s still there, but it isn’t as all-consuming as it has been lately. It might be better to focus on your job for a while and put workplace romance on the back burner—for now anyway.

There’s a helpful Mercury-Pluto conjunction on January 28, also in level-headed Capricorn, that encourages you to talk a little more about yourself and your interests. Letting someone new get to know you requires trust, Scorpio, but the potential rewards are worth the risk now.

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