Scorpio Monthly Love Horoscope

Your confidence level is high enough to scare anyone off while your co-leader Mars is paired with intense Aries at the start of the month! You might not feel any more powerful than usual, Scorpio, but you exude a sexual magnetism that is super intimidating.

On July 4, Mars moves into earth sign Taurus, calming down your general vibe and slowing things quite a bit. You can use this slow-paced, logical energy to plan for the future or pay attention to details you might have missed recently.

Communicative Mercury opposes your regenerative co-ruler Pluto on the eighteenth, giving you time to reflect on a recent text or DM that might not have been received in the way you intended. Your desire to be secretive and mysterious doesn’t always translate well. Maybe think about being a little more direct next time?

There’s also a strained sun-Pluto opposition on July 19 that can cause intimate details to come to light that you’d rather keep private. Try to stay off social media and avoid gossiping with friends. You can try to defend yourself, but everyone will probably just assume you’re lying.

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