Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope

An unpredictable Mars-Uranus conjunction in your first house of empowerment on August 1 helps you come to terms with the risks and potential consequences (and payoffs) of living life on the edge. While you don’t often act spontaneously, especially when it comes to love, someone seems worth it now.

On the eighth, a mysterious Venus-Pluto opposition clouds a situation you had sunny plans for and makes you wonder if what you saw in it was ever real in the first place. Second-guessing yourself is natural during this confusing aspect, Taurus, but don’t make any final decisions until you can back them up with facts.

Happiness arrives with the fate-driven Venus-Jupiter trine on August 18, bringing a sense of optimism that things will look up soon. Finding out that your crush feels the same way about you as you do about them makes you smile like you haven’t smiled in a long time.

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