Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope

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With your ruling planet Mercury traveling in Gemini, the talkative other sign it rules, to start the month, you have plenty to say and plenty of people to say it to! Enjoy being an outgoing flirt now, Virgo, because your love life thrives under this witty energy!

Mercury moves into soft-spoken Cancer on July 11, though, so while you’re not as outgoing, your shy and seductive tactics really work. Be prepared to hear from someone who has noticed you before but thought you were unapproachable until now.

Your communicative sign welcomes powerful Mars on the twenty-ninth, at which point you slow things down a little bit and tend to the details a whole lot more. Your friends might accuse you of being too picky, but you prefer the word “discerning.” Are your standards high? Yes. Do you deserve the best? Yes.

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