Love Horoscope: Pisces

Pisces’ love relationship can be as volatile as the nature of the sea. Only the north wind blows — it is raging by a desperate storm, and strong waves will hopelessly beat against the rocky shores. But it is worth breaking through the rays of hope — again calm, affectionate, beckons with its beauty and quietly whispers about happiness. It seems that it will always be so. Some representatives of this zodiac sign still manage to find the constancy of family happiness in quiet lakes with an endless source of love. A love horoscope for Pisces will help you catch your wave of love and understand your feelings. This sign, the last of the twelve, managed to absorb many of the qualities of the previous ones, while the Pisces remain themselves. They have the ability to consider themselves from the outside and see at the same time the present, past and future. However, prone to doubts, worries, insecurities.

The symbol of Pisces is small fish swimming in different directions, which does not at all mean the duality of desires. Neptune is not peculiar to him, but he knows how to change. These are two ways — upstream towards a goal, or downward, accepting all circumstances as inevitable. Other people cannot understand in which direction Pisces are swimming — sometimes they look calm and indifferent, but under this mask a vulnerable and tender soul. Their hearts are free from ambition and greed — they are not interested in pursuing material wealth, although amorous experiences do not leave indifferent. Feelings of Pisces can be as eternal, boundless and deep as the ocean. And sometimes they remind of the June downpour: a strong unexpected, with thunder and lightning — it will get wet, thunder and quickly end, leaving only memories. It is not easy for them to plunge into relationships, as well as to swim out of them — sometimes they themselves do not know when they got into love networks and why they need this lack of freedom.

Pisces Man Love Horoscope

The Pisces man is an artist who will draw his life himself and make it a reality — only if he catches the coming tide and dives into the highest wave. But if he misses her in her youth, she will live as a dreamer in shallow water. Representatives of this zodiac sign can not be called weak, it all depends on decisiveness and foresight. And nature generously endowed their talents, abilities and capabilities. Finding themselves in new situations, they are able to circumvent obstacles and change. Among Pisces there are strong and influential personalities, but there are also dreamers who are full and happy with one dream. The character of this sign is inherited from Neptune, but Jupiter also influences, endowing sociability and kindness. In amorous affairs, not all Pisces are the same: some do not stay long with one woman — they are masters of refined seduction. They love fleeting but vibrant relationships, quickly leave, leaving themselves pleasant memories. Others, on the contrary, are one beloved woman for life, even if their relationship is platonic.

The representative of this zodiac sign understands women well, and has an idea of what the relationship should be. Even if at first he lacks decisiveness, he can defeat any sensitive care, satisfying her desires. Pisces man is attentive and romantic in a relationship. He inspires confidence with a convincing and logical speech, but he is a man of emotions and is guided by his heart. It has good intuition, it is difficult to deceive, but it is prone to writing in small things. He does not tolerate jealous women restricting his freedom — if he is jealous, he knows how to hide his feelings thanks to acting abilities. The main thing to remember is that it is easy to offend and upset him, but he quickly comes to his senses without harboring evil. He knows how to listen, take other people’s sorrows to heart, is devoid of all prejudices, taking the side of another person without conviction. A woman can entrust him with her secrets and experiences, he knows how to console and support, but he himself does not reveal to anyone. You can live with him all his life without ever knowing him completely.

Pisces man in love is in no hurry to tie his life in strong bonds. He knows how to love a lot, but is rarely passionate. It may be passive, but not submissive — it will not allow you to direct yourself against the will. It is difficult for him to be categorical as to how a mandatory man should act, therefore he easily evades restrictions. The horoscope of love advises Pisces to seek compromises, because his chosen one is waiting for certainty. Indecision and evasion can harm him and his relationship. Secrecy is devastating, and the desire to avoid rapprochement at all costs. A woman who wants to start a family with him should be careful about his dreams, not destroy, but help turn them into reality — the results will exceed the wildest expectations. In love, he is not a leader, but a slave — a woman should believe and say that he is strong, talented, capable and can do anything. You can not express dissatisfaction and criticize him. The main thing is not to demand more than he is able to give. The ideal companion in his dreams is the one who dreams with him and inspires at breakfast, jokes and laughs at dinner, enjoys classics and listens to him at dinner, gives a sea of love and passion at night. For her, he is ready for anything: not just give the whole world, but make it even better.

Pisces Woman Love Horoscope

Pisces woman is unpredictable and charming, she understands everything and everyone, but herself with difficulty. By nature, she is talented and artistic — she can embody images with different roles, but she often rushes about in search of herself and meaning in life. Endowed with strong intuition and wisdom. However, her changeable mood, emotionality, tendency to experience and self-sacrifice prevent her from enjoying life. To others, it will seem a defenseless, unearthly creature among the hardships of mortal life, but this opinion is sometimes misleading. Pisces woman knows how to be strong and independent. She has the unique gift of escaping problems and easily adapting to her surroundings. Due to the ability to change, she is able to take care of herself, achieve success in business, career, but this does not bring satisfaction in life. Whatever role she chooses, she remains a woman who wants to lean on a strong shoulder, love and be loved.

The representative of this zodiac sign finds himself in creativity, self-expression, family, children. A woman of Pisces, who had a difficult childhood, youth, and excessive duties of a masculine character, violates the harmony of her sign and becomes offended, embittered, lonely rushing about in a futile attempt to leave herself. But pity only hurts, and attempts to hide in depth from reality, ultimately, lead to loneliness, which can really destroy it. Pisces woman needs more in relationships and love than in material wealth. She is so pleasant in communication that from the first minutes a man relaxes, dumping a heavy load of problems — she knows how to listen, will not put pressure, blame and dominate. It is easy to suggest that he is able to turn the world around and make him feel like a hero. She has a supernatural ability to surround herself with fans and seduce even the most obstinate. At the same time, she is deceiving and elusive — she tests her spell on a man and swims away.

In the modern world, among liberated lionesses and emancipated careerists, she is perfect — feminine, sensual, mysterious. But not everyone is able to make her happy. The fish itself does not know who it needs — a rich imagination carries to the ideal lover: sexy, tough, brutal or to a strong, confident, mature man. But yielding to doubts, he can choose an unreliable romance with which dreams remain dreams. The horoscope advises her to learn to conquer her fears, shyness and take responsibility for her life, emotions and actions. Then self-confidence will increase — this will lead to a meeting with a dream. She can find earthly happiness in a relationship with a strong man who can surround her with care and love. The Pisces woman in love gives herself completely — she can love very much until self-sacrifice. For her, in the first place is spiritual closeness, thanks to which she is able to open up — only with a beloved she becomes a passionate lover. A man who wants to create a strong relationship with a representative of this sign should remember all the dates important to her, say how unusual she is and how he loves her, sometimes give flowers for no reason, and when she indulges, just hug. Do not be surprised that, after years of married life, in her soul she remains a vulnerable, tender and sentimental girl with her fantasies and dreams. Pisces are very good wives and mistresses, possessing an amazing gift to feel the needs of others and make everyone around them happy.

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