Love Horoscope: Sagittarius

Love relationship with Sagittarius is like an unstoppable fire — exciting, playful and rebellious. However, it depends on the partner how strong and lasting the flame of passion and love will be. From a faint spark — a small flame that at dawn will not leave a trace. A flash of love will light a flaming bonfire, but considerable effort is needed to maintain it. Nevertheless, Sagittarius can truly fall in love for life, become faithful and faithful. Having met an amazing personality with inexhaustible treasures of the soul, he will give all his boundless love and tenderness. A love horoscope will help Sagittarius to find the perfect companion with whom family happiness will be the most amazing adventure in life: bright, intense and exciting.

Sagittarius is the beloved children of the god of all gods: Zeus. It is not surprising that acting recklessly, impulsively and not restraining anything, they manage to avoid trouble. Even Amur’s love arrows will not stop them on the path to new adventures. They are simply in love with a life filled with amazing opportunities, meaning and adventure. It is unthinkable for Sagittarius to protect himself from unlimited freedom by family ties. Relations with the opposite sex is the same adventure as a journey into the unexplored jungle. At first, it’s interesting, but then it becomes boring and I want to get out as soon as possible without waiting for tropical showers. Otherwise, you will have to stay in a shaky quagmire for a long time among the boring vines. Sagittarius is easier to abandon the relationship than surrender to the will of family life and monotony.

Sagittarius Man Love Horoscope

The Sagittarius man is an unstoppable traveler along the road of life in search of fascinating adventures. It is important for him to find the meaning of his existence, to create his own miracle. Feeling that there is something more significant than work, relationships, family and children, he strives for excellence: he creates the universe. Adventurism, passion and risk are his faithful companions. Therefore, not every companion is comfortable in such a company. Sometimes Sagittarius indulges in a romantic mood, however, very short-lived. Then the woman feels thrown into the air, but not caught back. He just forgot about her — distracted by something more important. He is easily carried away by one thing, but having lost interest, he quickly finds another occupation. Women are another hobby for him, although they occupy an important place among other interests. Like the patron Jupiter was not indifferent to female beauty — the man Sagittarius does not mind hunting for a charming creature.

Charisma and adventurism help him achieve the disposition of the most beautiful woman, no matter how inaccessible she is for others. But, not always behind an impulsive impulse are serious intentions. It can be just a light impulse that inspired the romance and caught a fleeting spark. By dawn, the flame will fly along with the mysterious charm of the starry sky. Sagittarius man in a relationship is romantic and tender, but often too blunt. He can tell a woman that he didn’t even dream of meeting such a mistress. And when he sees dissatisfaction with such a revelation, he will shower with compliments, singing incomparable beauty. And then the woman begins to harbor illusions: the conquered Sagittarius will certainly make a marriage proposal. However, it is not worth his passion to seek true feelings. He prefers bright, emotional, but superficial relationships — it’s difficult to keep him in love for long. However, the Sagittarius man needs a reliable companion. But, as a born wanderer, he seeks unearthly love and the embodiment of his ideals.

Sagittarius man in love can become faithful and love one woman all his life. However, his demands are very overstated — not many can hold on to his interest. It is naive to believe that having fallen in love, Sagittarius will change and become the ideal family man from sentimental TV shows. His interesting rich life leaves little time for family life. Only an independent woman inclined to adventurism can create strong relations with him. She must have a sharp mind, prudence, generosity, kindness and courage. But, no matter how her life is filled with hobbies, career or creativity, her husband’s interests will remain in first place. Then life together will be like an amazing adventure, based on mutual understanding, common interests. However, it does not violate one another’s personal space: do not impose your opinion, force you to do something against your will. It is impossible to build a marriage with a Sagittarius man only on romance and love. But similar views on life and common interests over time will fill family life with strong feelings and loyalty. Sagittarius will idolize his ideal and give her bright, beautiful and generous love for many decades. Even after a golden wedding, she confesses to her wife that she loves her every day only more, and without her life would have no meaning. Such love as an amazing treasure, which over the years becomes even more valuable.

Sagittarius Woman Love Horoscope

The Sagittarius woman is a charming, strong and unpredictable archer. No one knows where she will shoot her fire arrows: behind starry dreams, great ideas, distant seas or men’s hearts. Few people manage to find out her secrets and understand the train of thought. Sagittarius girl is a passionate, passionate nature with undying energy. It does not tolerate any restrictions, flattery, hypocrisy, and with its straightforwardness it can burn a vulnerable romantic. Her views may seem too harsh, but she does not like coquetry and love games. Sagittarius woman values her independence and lives by her own rules. He puts himself on an equal footing with men, and rarely gives way. Never give up neither freedom, nor individuality, nor habits. But, her charm and sociability do not leave men indifferent. She seems to charge her with energy, and this attracts many fans to her. However, the Sagittarius woman acts deliberately in a relationship. It is important for her to remain herself, retaining her beliefs.

Sometimes she can follow the vagaries of a romantic mood. The Sagittarius woman behaves uninhibitedly and naturally, disarming the chosen one with passion and spontaneity. Next to her, he forgets about the outside world and feels like on a date with a dream. But Sagittarius cools quickly if he sees that the chosen one does not correspond to her ideals. Will give a passionate night of love, and in the morning in the form of a surprise - farewell. However, she is completely non-windy, has no illusions, and her adventurism is always accompanied by prudence. Sagittarius simply likes to live here and now: receive emotions and accept the opportunities that open before her. And do not waste time figuring out a relationship with a boring or jealous partner. It may seem that she relies on logic in everything and is devoid of sensuality, sentimentality, but this is a deceptive appearance. Sagittarius woman to the impossible sentimental, feminine and sensual. Reluctance to flaunt feelings does not mean insensibility. After all, she knows well that happiness loves silence and keeps her love experiences secret. He even leaves the coals of burnt novels on the pages of the past, as he does not tolerate criticism or consolation.

The Sagittarius woman in love first seeks an equal partner, a like-minded person, and only then listens to her heart. For a serious relationship, he will choose a confident, wealthy and stable man. In addition, he must be a cheerful and charming intellectual. A man of a melancholic warehouse Sagittarius is not suitable. Despondency and pessimism make her sick. For her, falling in love and loving, supporting each other all her life are completely different concepts. To attract her interest, it is better not to bore with romantic walks under the moon. A good start to the novel can be a fun holiday with fireworks in her honor. But, if a man admits that he is looking for a wife who will look after the house, he will immediately rush off, because he will become bored. In married life, a Sagittarius woman will be a good mistress, as she loves to surround herself with beauty. However, before tying the knot, she must be sure that she does not fall into the trap of restrictions. Sagittarius will always need personal space. Not for intrigue on the side, but for traveling towards dreams that charge with vital energy. Perhaps she will not often talk about love and praise the dignity of her husband. But, after many years of married life, one day he admits that he is happy only next to him. And from the day she married him, her love became even stronger. Of course, from such words wings will appear. He will want to take off from happiness, because he will understand how much he loves the most amazing of women.

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