Love Horoscope: Scorpio

Brave, mysterious and sexually attractive, Scorpio always attracts the attention of the opposite sex. With his involuntary behavior, he kind of challenges others, subconsciously trying to charm, seduce everyone around. It is impossible not to notice him. He stands out from the crowd for his attractive appearance and special, discerning eyes. Since ancient times, Mars has been considered the planet-ruler of the constellation, endowing its wards with the most powerful sexual energy, the desire to be in sight, an irrepressible thirst for life, a thirst for romantic adventures. However, in modern astrology, the formidable, restless Pluto is the main heavenly patron of Scorpio. The influence of this planet is to bring chaos and confusion to the fate of relations with the opposite sex. That is why Scorpio is in the eternal search for something new. Thanks to two dissimilar "conductors" – Mars and Pluto – the love horoscope of people of this sign is so rich in conflicting situations, feelings, events.

Predictions and characteristics in the field of relationships with a partner will be useful not only for Scorpio himself, but also for his chosen one. The first will be able to penetrate deeper into his emotional world, better understand the inner "I", understand his own aspirations, realize life’s destiny. The second half will also be able to slightly open the veil of the chosen one’s mystery, imbued with his desires, thoroughly studying the character. This will help avoid a lot of unpleasant moments in a relationship, significantly strengthen the union, and make the right plans for the future. At the stage of such a detailed acquaintance with the inner world of a loved one, it is quite realistic to determine how well you fit together. Although Scorpio is reluctant to be frank, in no hurry to reveal his secrets even to close people, his disposition, habits, demeanor can be easily studied according to the hints of the horoscope. Moreover, having understood what kind of person he is, how to better behave with him, the partner gets the opportunity to predict the reactions of the beloved to various events and situations.

Scorpio Man Love Horoscope

The representative of this sign combines nobility, strength, high intelligence, the ability to easily conquer women’s hearts. The love horoscope of a Scorpio man says that the ward of this constellation, like a medieval knight, is ready to fight for his beloved, no matter what. If he is truly in love, even serious life obstacles will not stop him. In love, he does not need counselors. He only listens to his own heart. The man looks after the lady beautifully. And this applies not only to standard aspects: gifts, luxurious bouquets, passionate declarations of love, unforgettable dates. He has his own style, with which he impresses the chosen one. Scorpio always uses original ways to surprise his beloved. Since a man is deeply developed emotionally and spiritually, in a relationship with a woman he is primarily concerned with the moral side. He will never lie if married, hide his material status or give false hopes.

The contradiction emanating from Pluto and Mars is reflected in the sphere of love: seeking the reciprocal feelings of a certain lady, the man is persistent, but at the same time loyal and incredibly romantic. However, you should not think that a Scorpio in love is "in the clouds." Not. During the initial phase of a relationship, his brain continues to work at full capacity. He does not lose vigilance and reason, no matter how much he is in love with a woman. Nobility, gallant behavior, spiritual strength, the ability to focus exclusively on the main thing – qualities that a Scorpio man in a relationship with a partner demonstrates with pleasure. But this is only its outer "shell". A strong "shell", under which a quivering, tender, vulnerable soul is hidden. It’s pretty easy to hurt a man. He never forgets about his mistakes, failures, experiencing them extremely painfully. But even more painful for him are the periods when he suffers from deception and unworthy attitude from the chosen one.

The Water element, to which the sign belongs, endows Scorpio with kindness, generosity, the ability to adapt to the desires and habits of the partner. Sometimes a man can seem aloof, withdrawn. But this does not mean the cooling of his feelings. Most likely, he is worried about something, thinking about what actions to take to correct the situation. At such moments, you should not try to bring him to frankness. It is advisable to leave the man alone with his thoughts, showing delicacy and tact. In love and family relationships, especially if they last long enough, Scorpio can sometimes not be restrained in expressions. In moments of quarrels, he becomes too tense, irritable. And then, in the heat of the moment, he can say a lot of unnecessary things. Fortunately, the man is easygoing. Outbursts of anger are always followed by a mental "thaw". Scorpio becomes the embodiment of care, tenderness. Your partner shouldn’t give a lot of knowledge to what he says when he is angry. Moreover, there is no need to answer with the same coin. Otherwise, a major conflict cannot be avoided.

Scorpio Woman Love Horoscope

The love horoscope of a Scorpio woman will reveal the secrets of her thoughts and behavior in relationships with men. The lady of this sign has an attractive, well-groomed appearance and a bright, unbridled, like a wild Amazon, character. She is feminine, attractive to the stronger sex. Rarely claims a dominant role in the union, formally content with a second role. But, as you know, it is not the one who is called in charge that "rules". Everything is usually run by a partner who knows how to subordinate himself without words, to dictate conditions not directly, but in a veiled way. This is how a Scorpio woman often behaves in love. Like a gray cardinal, she gradually and imperceptibly for the chosen one "pulls the blanket" over herself. The partner is not only completely unaware of this, but also rejoices that a strong-willed, far-sighted, grasping lady is next to him. If a woman is lucky enough to meet a truly strong and courageous man, such manipulations usually do not bring a positive result. And then she, humbly bowing her head, obeys her beloved in everything.

The greatest number of fatal beauties, easily and naturally breaking men’s hearts, is revealed precisely among women of the Scorpio sign. They are flirtatious, charming, sophisticated persons. A lady born under the indicated constellation can conquer almost any fan she likes. She acts quickly and dexterously, using all the tricks, the skills of seduction, which she possesses impeccably. Her main tools, after stunning beauty and breathtaking gaze, are sociability, high intelligence, well-read, and a wide outlook. Men do not just fall in love, but idolize her like a queen, throwing fortunes at the feet of their beloved. Despite the tough and often uncompromising nature, the Scorpio woman in a relationship does not at all hide her readiness to look for points of contact with the chosen one. When she realizes that she herself has truly fallen in love, she immediately changes her tactics. If the partner begins to evade responsibility, the lady acts with charm and in the end she still achieves her goal.

In marriage, the Scorpio woman acts as the keeper of the hearth. But not meek and humble, but belligerent, firm. She is a wonderful housewife, a caring and loving mother, an ideal daughter-in-law. As for fidelity, some ladies sometimes have crazy thoughts about an affair on the side. But rarely does any of them embody such fantasies in reality, cherishing relationships with a partner. Reason in such matters always prevails over momentary carnal desires. The love horoscope for a Scorpio woman says that she is the owner. Jealousy is her weapon in the fight for the right to be the head of the relationship. She so skillfully uses this "burning" feeling that a man always admits his guilt. In fact, the lady goes to the woman’s cunning, using light blackmail. A sure sign that the chosen one has cooled down feelings for her partner is the absence of jealousy on her part. Although the Scorpio woman is overly temperamental, she is indifferent to sentimentality and romantic impulses, and sometimes even cool.

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