Love Horoscope: Virgo

The understanding of love horoscope for Virgo is not possible without understanding how the representatives of this sign perceive the cordial relationship. They can be compared to traveling on a comfortable liner, eliminating stormy situations. The route is carefully planned, the hold has everything you need for a comfortable sailing. Virgos do not fly in the clouds, do not build castles in the air, their dreams are logically justified and equipped with a clear implementation plan. The fire of love in the heart of the Virgo is able to kindle a person who is close in spirit, honest, decent, not wasting internal energy in vain. For representatives of the elements of the earth, spiritual intimacy with a partner is more important than the physical component of the relationship. Virgos do not strive, and do not know how to show their feelings. To understand their depth and sincerity will help deeds and actions, attention and support, care and affection for a partner. To those who can appreciate the practical sensuality of the Virgo, an ocean of exquisite and refined melodies of the soul will open. A love horoscope will allow the representatives of this zodiac sign to take into account the characteristics of their personality and will help to find a partner, joint swimming with which on the waves of life will be as comfortable as possible.

The ruling planet Mercury excludes the possibility of changing the personality of Virgo, even in minor aspects. The judiciousness and fundamental nature of this sign extends to the sensual sphere of life. Attentive Virgos always clearly see the merits and demerits of the partner, present the prospects for possible relationships. Wards of Mercury will not adapt to the mood and desires of the partner — they will offer to find a compromise solution that takes into account mutual interests. Signs of attention from the opposite sex Virgo critically evaluates — flattery, vulgarity, falsehood recognizes instantly, which forever deprives the applicant of attention to this sign even a chance of success. Virgos are alien to public confessions, a demonstration of feelings. They will never enter into a relationship, for the sake of a relationship. Their choice is always conscious, thought out to the smallest detail. Having decided that the meeting with the ideal life partner took place, Virgo will show the best qualities of her personality, giving her partner sincere love, loyalty and devotion.

Virgo Man Love Horoscope

Virgo man in love is an unreachable captain of the ship of his fate. Impeccable appearance, calm and confident look, create the impression of a person who is completely in control of his feelings. In fact, this is just a mask of caution, under which a sensual nature is hidden. Being a romantic at heart, this man is afraid to be an outcast woman. He will hide his true feelings for his partner until he is fully convinced that the chosen one has more to him than just sympathy. Cupid’s arrows can hit his heart when meeting an energetic, emotional woman. But cold judiciousness and restraint will not allow you to drag yourself into a whirlpool of passions. The vivid emotionality of a woman at the same time attracts and scares the representatives of this sign - in most cases, they prefer not to enter into such a relationship. Virgo man in a relationship feels calm and confident when next to him is a woman in need of guardianship and protection. He enjoys caring for the chosen one, but in return he awaits recognition and gratitude. If this does not follow, or he notices the insincerity of the feelings shown, a break in relations is inevitable.

Some representatives of this sign prefer to abandon a long relationship. They are quite satisfied with short novels on mutually beneficial conditions. Among the Virgos there are a lot of bachelors. This is due not so much to selfishness as to fatal devotion to their work. Whatever this man does, he will make every effort to become the best and achieve the highest position. A practical mindset tells them that any long-term relationship will interfere with their careers. Only a patient and sincerely loving woman can conquer the heart of such a man. Pressure, threats and blackmail are completely unacceptable. Virgo man will certainly appreciate the care, attention and respect for his person. And the separation of his interests and the competence of women in his career achievements are capable of creating a miracle. Virgo man will appreciate the woman’s discretion and frugality. For him, the appearance of a partner is of great importance — sloppiness, negligence, lack of taste, will forever close the doors to his heart and home.

The love horoscope for the Virgo man sees his ideal companion as an elegant, educated, balanced, enthusiastic woman and her business. The economical hostess and responsible mother, who knows how to cook deliciously. A companion who is able to profitably present herself in society, to maintain a conversation and unobtrusively showing her respect for her spouse. Virgo man comes to the choice of wife thoroughly. Making a marriage proposal, he takes it literally. “Hands” means help and support in everything, “heart” means the merging of spiritual interests, life goals and plans. In marriage, the Virgo man continues to study his beloved. If during this process he will discover new positive qualities of the chosen one, the depth of his feelings will increase, respect for his spouse will increase. In addition, the Virgo man lacks emancipation, because a partner’s healthy sense of humor will help smooth out the blows of the family boat against everyday stones. Speaking about the fidelity of the Virgo man, it can be argued that if the relationship is dominated by spiritual closeness, respect and interest of partners in each other, there can be no doubt about the husband’s fidelity.

Virgo Woman Love Horoscope

The Virgo woman in love is the queen sitting on the throne of her own life, combining incompatible qualities with cold calm. Aged and impudent, courteous and rude, selfish and selfless person. It seems that two people get along at once in it. The mind, high intelligence, self-control, realism and the absence of any illusions remain unchanged. Men such women are simultaneously attracted and scared by their arrogance and inaccessibility. In fact, the whole external surroundings is nothing more than a screen that hides the vulnerable and sensual nature. Love relationships with youth cause fear and doubt among the representatives of this sign. Most of all, Virgo is afraid of betrayal and disappointment in her partner. As sincerely she believes in true love, she is also firmly convinced that such a feeling is extremely rare. She perfectly controls herself and masterly controls her feelings even when serious emotions are boiling inside. Criticism and pickiness to everything, excessive attention to details — does not prevent Virgo from remaining a kind, caring and disinterested partner. She is insightful, she won’t be able to deceive her — if she feels a lie in her relationship, she will act for her own benefit: she can immediately convict of insincerity, or she can save the exposure until “better times”.

The feelings of this woman ripen slowly, and are rarely noticeable to others. She will not exchange herself for fleeting novels with dubious cavaliers — she will patiently wait for the only ideal man. A person who is attentive to her requests and condescending to her habits can conquer her heart. A Virgo cannot be seduced by beautiful words and expensive gifts. Woman Virgo in a relationship is cautious and distrustful. She will never succumb to a storm of emotions, will not rush headlong into the pool of passions. Her aspirations for love are comparable to a walk on a water bus in sunny weather — calm and comfortable, a light breeze ribs her hair slightly, but does not spoil her hair, the atmosphere is romantic, but the lights of the big city are nearby. Virgo is waiting for a man striving for a serious relationship, able to work, able to enjoy little things and not afraid of monotony. The representative of this sign, having an excellent sense of humor, is able to turn into a joke any awkward situation in a relationship.

The love horoscope for the Virgo woman shows that the ideal husband is a noble knight, performing feats in a single apartment, appreciating her professional successes, but achieving heights exceeding her own achievements. An intelligent man, kind and reliable, having a clear life position, impeccable appearance, is able not only to attract the Virgo’s attention, but also to know the deep secrets of her soul, carefully hidden from others. In marriage, she will show her best qualities — the household will be surrounded by attention and care, the house will always be in order, comfort, delicious food. Family life will be clearly organized — a situation is impossible with his wife Virgo, when there was not enough money to pay. Believing in her chosen one, this woman will forever become a faithful and reliable companion.

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