Weekly Love Horoscope

August 15-21: Family chores will take all your attention, the love horoscope for the third week of August predicts a calm period. It will be possible to do without serious shocks, the renovations will affect, first of all, everyday life. Solving pressing problems will bring you closer to your partner even more — time will fly by.

In the first days of the week, appearance becomes especially important, under the influence of Venus in Leo, non-standard vision is especially pronounced. Come up with a new, more daring image, give up boring things. Perhaps you don’t have enough sexy clothes in your wardrobe — it’s time to fix things.

For communication with the opposite sex, the middle of the week is ideal. The Sun in the sign of Leo inspires optimism, a desire to please. The weekly love horoscope encourages you not to resort to special tricks, just switch to the interlocutor, perhaps this will be the beginning of a fairy tale.

At the end of the week, you may yearn for work: with the Moon in the sign of Gemini, mood swings are characteristic. If you miss your colleague, are hard-pressed to be separated from him, then it’s time to move the business relationship into a romantic plane. Even if it doesn’t benefit your reputation.

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