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June 21-27: A wave of passion will cover you with your head, the love horoscope for the third week of June promises a romantic turn of events. Personal life becomes bright and rich, pleasant changes are coming. Couples can start planning a summer vacation. If you are single, be active: happiness is near. At the beginning of the week, a careless attitude to money is unacceptable, under the influence of Venus in Cancer, sensitivity increases. You can become a victim of manipulation by relaxing your grip on family finances. Refuse spontaneous purchases, especially large ones, coordinate all your expenses with a partner.

In the middle of the week, violent outbursts of jealousy can give rise to a feeling of anger, which is quite typical for the Sun in Cancer. The weekly love horoscope advises to talk more about what interests your partner. If you look at the world through his eyes, there will not be the slightest reason for distrust. At the end of the week, leave your work problems outside your doorstep. With the Moon in Aquarius, any action requires serious thought. If you are burdened by an office romance, postpone the decision of this issue: it is too early to put an end to the relationship. Spend your time at your leisure, relax properly.

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