Weekly Love Horoscope

January 24-30: Beware of jealousy, the love horoscope for the fourth week of January does not exclude a deterioration in relations. Ignore any signs of attention from the outside so as not to lose the trust of the partner. If you are already set to break, do not rush to start a new novel, it is unlikely to be long.

In terms of your relationship with your partner, the start of the week can be disappointing. Under the influence of Venus in Capricorn, the tendency towards rapprochement intensifies, the interests of the family come first. You may get the feeling that you are losing your individuality, becoming a blind executor of someone else’s will.

In the middle of the week, all attention will be directed to the family: the Sun in the sign of Aquarius pushes to show interest in loved ones. The weekly love horoscope draws bright prospects for people in relationships. Full understanding with children and soulmate — isn’t that wonderful?

For an unforgettable weekend, plan your activities in advance. The Moon in Capricorn directs attention to the material side of life. If your budget allows, don’t limit your imagination. Check with your partner: sharing plans with each other can help bring them closer to fulfillment.

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