Aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope

November 28 – December 4: Caution first of all, according to the love horoscope in the fourth week of November, traps and confusing situations await you. Try to get away from the intrusive attention of strangers, ignore their advice. Ill-wishers can put some strain on your relationship — be on the lookout.

Creative impulses, experiments — this will surprise Aquarius at the beginning of the week. The influence of Venus in Sagittarius focuses on vivid emotions and impressions. Let a breath of fresh air burst into your life, invite your chosen one on an unusual date: a flight in a hot air balloon or dinner on the roof.

In the middle of the week, fate will throw a rebus: there is little money, but a lot of spending. The Sun in the sign of Sagittarius is the time to open your heart and soul. The weekly love horoscope for Aquarius believes that you shouldn’t be upset about the increased expenses. There will be a day, there will be food — you will find a way out.

Aquarius will spend the weekend in the gym: the Moon in the sign of Aries gives rise to stamina and perseverance. If you want to lose a few pounds, you cannot do without serious motivation. Perhaps you should introduce your soul mate to a healthy lifestyle, together everything is possible — an excellent family motto.

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