Aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope

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May 17-23: On the personal front, everything is ambiguous, according to the love horoscope in the third week of May, an amorous mood will reign. Flirtation and coquetry are welcome, you can win over any person. However, new connections will bring nothing but problems and disappointments, it is better to lie low. Feeling unwell can interfere with Aquarius in amorous affairs: at the beginning of the week it is worth taking care of your health. Venus in the sign of Gemini gives you the ability to quickly and painlessly break with the past. Try to get rid of bad habits, walk more in the fresh air, preferably in a pleasant company.

An energetic midweek attitude will allow you to redo a lot of things. With the Sun in Taurus, any trials are on the shoulder: more than enough strength. The weekly love horoscope for Aquarius suggests taking on the household load. Prepare dinner, tidy up the house — which is not a proof of love. So that nothing interferes with enjoying happiness, Aquarians must decide on their place of residence at the end of the week. With the Moon in Libra, it is easy to come to a common decision. If you dream of a house by the sea, do everything to make your fantasies a reality. Perhaps your partner is passionate about it.

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