Aries Weekly Love Horoscope

October 18-24: In personal life, dramatic events are likely, the love horoscope for the third week of October does not exclude scenes of jealousy. Your frankness can have unexpected consequences, it is better to postpone the sentimental confessions. Family chores and worries are the surest way to avoid scandal.

Love at a distance is contraindicated for Aries; in the first days of the week it is worth tackling this problem. Venus in Sagittarius contributes to the idealization of a partner, up to painful attachment. If you can’t imagine life without a loved one, do everything to build a family nest.

Plunging into the thick of things is an easy task for the middle of the week. The Sun in Libra helps maintain balance in all areas of life. The weekly love horoscope for Aries suggests inviting a partner to a theatrical performance, exhibition, concept film. It’s time to join the elite art.

Over the weekend, Aries will guard the rest of the family. The Moon in Gemini promotes rapid adaptation to changed conditions. If your loved one decides to pull your nerves, don’t play this game. Take the first step towards reconciliation: why indulge your pride if you have love in your life.

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