Aries Weekly Love Horoscope

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August 2-8: Let go of the situation, the love horoscope for the first week of August advises to forget past grievances. Criticism, focusing on the slightest mistakes of your partner, you will not get very far. Think good, look for pluses in failures. The secret of a strong relationship is forgiving, listening and hearing.

Aries’ pedantry can become a hindrance to relationships; you should not spoil your life from the first days of the week. Venus in Virgo expresses itself in a tendency to systematize. If you are apart from your partner, do whatever it takes to reunite. Just decide who should move to whom for good.

The desire to prove your case in the middle of the week can end in an ugly scandal. Under the Sun in the sign of Leo, the restraint of emotions is out of the question. The weekly love horoscope for Aries foresees thunder and lightning. To stop a fit of anger, abstract from all negative things.

When it comes to finances, Aries won’t have to save on the weekend. With the Moon in Leo, decisions are made quickly and easily. Spend money with pleasure: let you go to zero, but the weekend will be remembered by the chosen one for a long time. Believe me, there will still be opportunities to replenish the budget, but you can’t buy an experience.

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