Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope

September 26 – October 2: Put your personal affairs in order, according to your love horoscope, betrayal awaits you in the fourth week of September. You are probably too blinded by your feeling to think clearly. Do not rush to believe the ardent confessions, try to look at the situation impartially: everything is still ahead.

By acting in the best interests of children, Cancer will improve the family environment. The influence of Venus in the sign of Virgo is manifested in the ability to bypass conflict moments, smooth out sharp corners. The small concessions you make at the beginning of the week will help build trust with the younger generation.

In the middle of the week, work will be more important than feelings, but it is better to combine these areas of life: the Sun in Libra teaches patience and flexibility. If you are passionate about a colleague, the weekly love horoscope for Cancer advises you to channel energy towards achieving career goals. Glitter of admiring eyes will be your reward.

At the end of the week, Cancers will have tons of reasons to walk out their best outfits. When the Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius, it is time for relaxation and fun. Do not expect favors from nature, take fate into your own hands. If you don’t have a couple or your partner doesn’t want to have fun, go to the party alone.

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