Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope

February 6-12: Avoid ambiguities and misunderstandings, the love horoscope for the first week of February warns of possible quarrels. If family relationships are at an impasse, look for a reason in yourself. You probably stopped talking about your feelings, try to express thoughts and desires as concretely as possible.

From the first days of the week, Cancer must listen to his intuition. Venus in Pisces enhances magical abilities, awakens interest in everything mystical. If you are in the throes of love, do not speculate, just make a choice: either a happy family life or sweet freedom.

Whims will lead to a cooling of the relationship, in the middle of the week you can lose your partner’s support. The Sun in the sign of Aquarius inclines towards freedom-loving, slightly eccentric behavior. The weekly love horoscope for Cancer believes that you can hush up a quarrel by arranging a romantic rendezvous.

In financial matters, Cancers will be lucky: cash receipts are possible on the weekend. With the Moon in the sign of Scorpio, aggressiveness is more pronounced. If you do not know how to properly spend the family budget, heed the advice of your half, and you will always have time with criticism.

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